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silver copper wire with teflon insulation


For the ones that live in europe and elsewhere and need wire to make a transformer or chokes,
i have for you a cheap adres for good wire.

The company name is: Farnell
Website: www.farnel.com


WIRE, UL1213, 20AWG, BLACK, 30.5M
Length, Reel (Imperial):100ft
Length, Reel (Metric):30.48m
Wire Size, AWG: 18 till 26 awg
Current Rating:17A
Area, Conductor CSA:0.62mm²
Colour, Primary Insulation:Black
Material, Primary Insulation:PVC
Conductor Make-up:19 / 32AWG
Material, Conductor:Silver Plated Copper
Diameter, External:1.5mm
Voltage, Rating:600V ac
Cable UL Style Number:UL1213
Colour, Secondary Insulation:Black
Cores, No. of:1
Material, Secondary Insulation:TFE Teflon
Temp, Op. Max:200°C
Temp, Op. Min:-60°C
Voltage Rating, AC:600V


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