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Stan Meyer: What is high voltage in the hydrogen and oxygen generator

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Patentnr.: 4798661

What is high voltage accoording to Stan Meyer.
In this patent he names everything above 2V high voltage!
In the voltage schematic, Stan showed different levels:

L1 = 2volt
L2 = 4volt
L3 = 6volt
L4 = 8volt
L5 = 10volt
L6 = 12volt
Ln = ?

He is reducing amp flow by way of limiting the time that the plates get their voltage and amp. A pulsating system.
The reason for doing that is accoording to Stan, that he doesnt want the voltage to drop, as soon as amps kick in and a dead short condition comes up........

What do you people think of this.


Then Stan continues:

He uses the blocking diode for some purposes:

It must eliminate:
1. stray electrons
2. shorts
3. variances,
4. spurious signals
5. BLOCKING BEMF or back-electromagnetic force

He continues:

The advantages of raising the amplitude of the pulses accoording to raising production og hydrogen:
The dual pulse system bring the upper limite to 5.5V or L3 in the schematic of figure 8.

Next step
The Stan is doing someting strange. Instead of connecting all plates or tube in parallel, he just switches between every plate of tube, so that one 1 is connected at the time. This would bring the upper voltage limite to 7Volts

See attachements

The next level:

Hooking up a resistor in line with the negative tube.
This will raise the limite of voltage to 8.5Volts.

The resistor will block electron flow, which sounds ok to me.
Then he states that the voltage over the tubes is not effected by this resistor....hmmmmmmm not sure on that.
Then he states: In the generation of the hydrogen and oxygen gasses to an INFINITE limit, as yet not fully appriciated???? , the upper level of amplitude of the voltage is removed with utilization of the electron inhibitor (resisitor) of fig. 7, which is a sandwich resistor.

Yes, this is a big question.

I heard Stan says in a video the wfc operates on 0 - 2000 Volts,

I have also read that you need at least 1500 Volts to start the molecular ringing.

Kilovolt and milliamp pulses with twenty thousand cycles across the excitors is said to shake the molecules apart.

The alternator could have been used as a "hertz machine" and combined with a pulse circuit  it may reach 20.000 Hz

He says he is doing the exactly opposite of the electrolysis prosess.

Maybe he was taking OUT electrones so the water molecule collapsed?..


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