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Complete VIC Circuit- but couldnt work? :(

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thanks for your help Steve. I usede Tony circuit from his website

I make all of them how written in schematic . working on nearly 2,5 months :(

If i remember correctly, the two choke and their connections are not hooked up well.
All coils must be wind in the same direction as well.
My 2 cents is to start slowly with 2 volts on the primary, see if you can find resonance and then tune up.
Also use a 70 ohm resistor over the primary...

For now that what i know...

Hello Steve,

im doing many tests too here.. no results...

i think theres something on the winding of the chokes that can makes its resonant frequency lower somehow.. mine are resonating at 30khz or so.. i used insulation between each layer...

i get the step charging i guess... but no bubbles at all...

Welcome hgul keep strong.. its kind of a hard way to get it done... i think you better get the cell like meyer or steve did and start testing.. .it simply wont come out of of nothing! Believe-me... we are into this since many years.. .

if we can help you in anyway let us know.... as steve said try show the schematics of your coils..

Good luck!

Thanks for your answer and couraging me  sebosfato :)

I read Tonys message on this forum and use his pcb from his site . also I asked him is it ok. maybe I make some mistake while structred  parts of circuit.
anyway no problem. I am studying and reading about stanley meyer, :)

hi friends Steve and Sebosfato
Is there any users  or install manual about Tony woodside pcb circuit. Do you know ?
I mean after instructed circuit like Tonys make, what must we do for perfect work circuit? is there any document about this? do you know ? Thanks so much


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