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RF waves and UV waves improve electrolysis proces

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How to make HHO cells more efficient.

Its all about increasing the options for the ions and electrons to collide. Besides the electrode space , electrode material, electrode size and type of electrolyte there are more options:

1. Use of RF radiation.
2. Use of Ultra Violet / infrared waves.

Its known as radiolysis. How to implement such a system in our waterfuelcells? The early radio transmitters used a sparkgap for creating radiowaves. We also know that water absorbs waves in the Ultra Violet spectrum. We are lucky. Spark gaps do transmitte radio waves and UV waves!
Now we need to design a cell that is doing basic electrolysis and is using sparks at the same time. It might be even needed to use a 50% duty cycle on both systems, so they don’t interfere with each other.
Meaning: first 50% duty dc on the electrodes and in the off time we create sparks.

The cell can look like this.

The sparkgap produces hard ultraviolet radiation when running just like an arc welder. Avoid looking into the arcs produced by your sparkgap, and if you want to do, use shields for your eyes.

How about just using a sparkplug and an ignition coil?
Just some thoughts... 8) 8)

New version.
I made a mistake with the glas innertube. Glas doesnt let UV thru....argggggg
Need help here!
Does anybody know a tube of plate material that lets UV thru from ~125nm????????

 Absorption of UV close-by (~125 nm), excites the 3a1 orbital leading to dissociation into OH + H (photodissociation; higher energy absorption produces charged fragments [1299]). Such dissociation can also be achieved by consecutive absorption of two 266 nm photons [589]. Absorption of two higher energy photons, at 200 nm, gives rise to a hydrated electron by H2O + h? " src="http://www1.lsbu.ac.uk/water/images/reg.gif" width=22 height=10> H2O+ + e-aq

I think its a wonderful idea , if we can control the freq of this too it would be good for testing .

So we need fast collapse with big inductor to make this efficient , we need high voltage correct ?

1 thing I see hard , shape of cell .


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