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"I was approached by a man who worked very
closely with Stan on his injector project. (from october 88 to
september96) stan sent him plans and this person outsourced the
machine shop operations and procured the parts to assemble the
injectors, then sent them when completed to Stan in ohio. I have over
1000 pages of development diagrams and have been stuyding them over
the course of the year past.

we need this guy on our fourm if what he says is tru.


he used to be on the forum until dankie scared him away.....

at the time he was one of the only other people that i knew who actually read the tech brief!


--- Quote from: Dankie on February 21, 2009, 23:33:47 pm ---

Man I always hated this talking bird brain ... What a frikkin cuntfused SOB ... Dumbazz reetard

Talking the same old gas processor again , his stupid old calculations again

--- End quote ---

Dankie, you should not insult other people. not very nice.

Alternative energy is not the only thing that will make the world a better place, we all need to treat each other better, this is what will make the world a better place.

we all should live by one simple rule: Don't do to others what we don't like to be done to us.


ur right

stevie , plz delete this thread


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