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I believe Hydro is right about the part that the electron can shift orbits in the shells.
If a electron shifts it also gives off a photon and the structure of the molecule is now becoming unstable.
Our gas we are making is going into the photon injection so the photon injection circuit is an added circuit
to bring the gas to a higher potential.
The destabilized bodies gases (particles) will want to stabilize so we need the electron extraction to help keep everything
in the unstable state. He (MEYER) built several seperate containers one above the other to maintain this process
of destabilization and extraction of electrons.
These destabilized gases are much stronger I believe than our electrolized gases.
I'm not satisfied with the fequency of spectrum. The frequency of diode pumping may be more beneficial.
Meyer stated in one memo 935nm Infra Red and also ran this through 4 concentric lenses pumped at 100Khz.
Many of the pictures show this photon injection bouncing or reflecting through the containment.

After this is figured I believe we need to find and match the burn rate of H-gas.
I read and maybe others have that we should process the gas.
Add more outside air gas.
Hydrogen burn rate is over 325 centimeter per second.
Natural gas burn rate is 47cps .
That tells me we have to add a lot of non-combustables or air for the proper processing of h-gas.
We may make 1 liter per minute but that may equate to the equal of 7 liters per minute if processed correctly.
Thats another story we'll have to get into soon after this one.


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