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--- Quote from: X-Blade on October 29, 2017, 12:59:36 pm ---It is not about the human being. It is about a lie, sometimes people have some psychologic problems like being BIPOLAR.
Meyer states "mega watt gas yield" not some bubbles. look into Thewaterenergy1 video about his version of the resonnant cavity.
Nobody saw a cell working or even mmw numbers.
I can say I got enything I want but leading other people to the ruin is a very bad thing.
There is a lot of time and money involved on this hobbie.
Ravi and Dave Lawton had no problems to show it to the world, because they have something that really worked.

--- End quote ---

those guys seem to know a great deal and share a lot as well..... unfortunately that video seemed to show more of a microwater generator or some kinda nano water maybe??

i think zero of what i see in that video.
75v times .9 amps is in my eyes 67 watts.
I dont see 60 liters being produced by that cell ever.
If i turn on one of my cells at 67 watts i see much more gas....

Steve you know this guy.
It is not about high rate of gas, but high enegy gases, tapping the atomic power like Meyer did.

I tried to communicate with him, yes.
But i got not much clear answers.
If you see how he was measuring the claimed 60 liters gas per minute, then you too should wonder if he knows what he claims is real.
Secondly, his word choice is raising questions as well. Like he has read the docs of Meyer and took something out of it trying to make his own story.
Just like Freddy did.
I really need to see more of him before i can confirm his authentisme.
Of course i appreciate him as a member in this field of science.


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