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I knew that one day or the other I would have to analyze all the patents of Stanley MEYER in order to establish a chronological classification of the technologies that he used over time.

Faced with the difficulty of the task, I decided to optimize my work tools by scanning documents (OCR) in order to be able to perform keyword searches on all patents.
So I reworked each document one by one, cleaning up the traces that hindered reading. I then applied a character recognition that I checked at best (there are probably some errors that I have not yet detected)

I was able to carry out the chronological analysis that I wanted and in return obtained a much more thorough understanding of the different techniques used by Stanley MEYER over the years.

The processing of these documents was a colossal task and I hope that the result will benefit the maximum of us. I have no doubt that many of you will be able to make use of this tool as I have done and will soon reach the same conclusions as myself or even more successful conclusions.

I wanted to share with you this fantastic tool.

For an optimum use of search by keywords:

- Save all documents in a unique folder.

- Open Adobe reader (or like)

- Make an advanced search ( Ctrl + Shift + F)

- Select "in all documents in..." (Choose the folder where you have saved all the documents)

- Then type in the search field your key words. (Do not hesitate to make small variations in key words)

- Enjoy the useful result !

Amazing! Well done!
What a work  :)

Thanks for sharing!

Hello Scarou.

Happy to see you here!
Max Miller banned me from his fórum after I exposed him as a fraud.
Thank you to bring us this reworked documents.

Have a nice day. :-)


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