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Stan Meyer's hydrogen fracturing process using Lasers

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After much study of Stan Meyer's tech brief my eyes have been opened to the "Hydrogen gas gun"  process of fracturing hydrogen to make it even more powerful. In page 1-11 in his tech brief he states that the hydrogen fracturing process has the ability to make one gallon of water as powerful as 2.5 million barrels of oil.  This really makes me wonder why no one has really looked into this (as I believe it would greatly reduce the amount of hydrogen needed to run a vehicle) Maybe it deserves a second chance.

And after doing more research I have further been able to understand the importance of the "hydrogen gas gun" or "hydrogen fracturing" Process.

In one of Stan Meyer's news videos, he says that if he were to take the dune buggy from L.A. to New York the car would use around 22 gal's of water. 1 gallon of water having around 1833 cubic feet of useable gas
1 Cubic foot = 22.31 Liters

22.31 Liters X 1833=42,738.228 Liters of gas

The distance from L.A. to New York is roughly about 2,783 Miles, and would take around 41.3 hours to complete

47,738.228 / 41.3 hours = 1034.81 Liters per hour

1034.81 / 60 = 17.24 Liters Per Minute

17.24 liters per minute is not much gas, but when the gas is exposed to the photon energy, it's thermal explosive power is increased exponentially, enough so that a car bun be run on a small amount of gas, where as most ICE's using hydrogen will require 100-300 Liters per minute or more. This equates to about 126 Miles per gallon of water!

kewl, keep up the good work man!


Checking through some of the Documents available on Meyer. WFC Gas Management System. Memo WFC 422 DA section 3.
Laser Accelerator Assembly (20) thats the part that I think goes over the LED tube array.
Assembly (20) of figure (3-10) uses a GaAs (I think Gallium Arsenide) infrared emmitting diode (1) of figure (3-9)
;figure 3-9 is the led pickup circuit showing 12 lasers on one side.;
typically 935nm.
Triggering a SDP8611 Optoschmitt light receiver (2) of figure (3-9) ;12 receivers on other side.;
Using logic states and applied to gas pedal accelleration.


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