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I came up with a nice way to get great bobbins, i've used glass fiber fabric with epoxy resin. is really easy to work with, you just need a plastified paper like files those used for save documents inside, are really cheap and easy to take it out of the solidified piece. Is much easier than machining and way cheaper. I made a big one... i used only 4 layers of fiber fabric with epoxy, it became very solid, too much... and epoxy is supposed to handle higher temperature than common other plastics..

It really seems an easiest way. Post some pictures of the one you have made, sebosfato.

Its a great way to do things "professionally"... The layers can also be insulated by layers of resin and fiber fabric... But takes lot of time...

The plastified paper work as a mould (it wont get wet and become soft) so you simply start putting resin and fabric... than take the mould off... The face where the mould was will become smooth and flat...

You should not leave the mould as there it is paper and it will maintain certain humidity... is easy to take it off even from inside of a tube...

I suggest to make each peace with double face mould and than join them together with more fABRic and resin...

Is it really easy to use glass fiber fabric with epoxy resin?


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