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Ambient airgasprocessor setup

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Manual with schematics

A goldmine of info! That picture Steve posted above is priceless too! Don't you think? Thank you Steve! I especially like the ion canon pdf.

Thanks Bubz   :)

I already made such an ion wind gun....,1265.msg15000.html#msg15000


I am designing my own ion wind generator .

My circuit will incorporate a flyback transformer that I make myself with some stainless steel bobbin I have I will cut the middle an d wrap a primary on top and see what happens .

I will then allow the gas to flow in the middle of wheree should be a core and feed back the HV wire in itself .

If It works I have also a deisng , a succession of +-+-+- and finished by - in  connected in series in the tube but parallel to eachother pareallel with eachother where the optimum frequency related to gap space is found for maximum acceleration and current is kept rolling in the same direction with a freewheel diode

Excellent ideas Dankie! I was reviewing the info Steve posted and I noticed the intake ionizing system utilized the LED arrays. This is not a big deal other than finding who sells these. Any Ideas?


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