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Title: hz range frequency sine wave oscillator?
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i have taken an extra interest into the frequency of 8hz and the natural earth frequency of 7.82hz and would like to try out a mini elf magnetic field transmitter experiment...if r1 is left at 1,000 ohms (1k) and r2 is left at 1,000,000 ohms (1M)and the capcitance is 1x10^-7 farads (.1uf)...does this mean my starting frequency will be 7.24 Hz according to the equation?...check out this site to understnad my babble.

http://www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com/oscillatorsimages/oscillatorsckt1.shtml (http://www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com/oscillatorsimages/oscillatorsckt1.shtml)

ONE OTHER IMPORTAnT NOTE...how would i change the wave form to a sine wave instead of the square wave?...use ac current? but what is the point then of pulsing ac current?...or is there a way to some how take ac current and step it down to a frequency of 8 hz?? this is over my head....

jsut found this also...might go with this method instead.....it converts the initial square wave to a sine wave.

http://www.national.com/nationaledge/jun04/article.html (http://www.national.com/nationaledge/jun04/article.html)