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I want to start a study here on SCALAR waves. It seems that it might have connections with the Stan Meyer setup.
Here is what i found sofar:

scalar energy is created, when you cancel out 2 same magnetic polarities.
such as forcing the negative poles of 2 magnets together.
or have 2 wires with the same polarity conflict, like this:

<------ +
 + ------>

people say lots of things about scalar energy.
including that it cannot be detected by normal electronics. but can be felt by the nervous system.
vibrations have been said to GREATLY increase the feeling of the scalar field.
such as attaching a small 9 volt motor to a scalar coil.

In Simple terms, scalar waves are formed when two magnetic fields collide head-on or intersect at 90 degrees in such a way as to cancel each other out.

One simple method of generating scalar pulses is a ‘zip strip’, a length of 2 conductor wire with the wires connected at one end. They form a loop antenna. If a pulsed electrical current is put through this antenna, it will generate small scalar effects from the magnetic field cancellation. At the center of the length of 2 conductor speaker wire is where the fields cancel each other out, and where the scalar effects are manifest.

Modern mobius coils with helical cable generate scalar waves more efficiently because the loop described above is twisted into a tightly spiraled cable. If the degree of the twist in the cable is close to 45 degrees, then the whole length of the loop antenna is folded back over itself at about 90 degrees. When a pulsed current is put through this cable, it will create a magnetic field around the wires forming the winding. Then the magnetic fields around the wires will intersect at 90 degrees and cancel out. This generates scalar effects along the whole length of the windings instead of only a small ‘hot spot’ on the coil. It also modulates the scalar emissions produced with the signal used to drive the coil.

You can form a Mobius Cable by taking a few tens of feet of insulated wire, folding it in half lengthwise once or twice, and looping the end without the leads over a suitable projection. Twist the cable with an electric drill until the spiral angle is close to 45 degrees. You can now form any number of different 3-dimensional winding patterns for coils from this cable, and all will demonstrate some degree of scalar effects. This allows for much greater simplicity of construction than the early models made from single strands of wire. It also allows for much more powerful coils in terms of scalar output, since virtually all of the wire in the coil is put to work canceling magnetic fields to produce scalar emissions.


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Re: Non-experimental proof of Meyl's Tesla scalar theory


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--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
 > Original poster: "Wall Richard Wayne by way of Terry

 > So, while I consider Meyl's experiment flawed and
 > his conclusions regarding
 > Tesla scalar longitudinal waves unsupported by his
 > experiment, nonetheless,
 > longitudinal scalar waves are not disproven.   I'm
 > sure there will be other
 > future experiments.  We must be diligent in
 > assessing them.
 > RWW
This longitudinal issue to me seems to directly
analogous to a third degree of polarization. An
inductor as a recieving loop in rf can recieve signals
in two distinct categories, either as loops
encompassing magnetic flux change, or as loops facing
a surface area electric field change, in which case
its magnetic flux change is then minimized. Thus the
signal is polarized in three dimensions, instead of
two, and we can put the loops at any angle, and still
obtain energy, but seemingly "more" of it for
longitudinal reception. As an example of this, one can
set up a bipolar twin series resonance model using
huge 60 henry coils, two of them in parallel as
"inversely phased" series resonances as shown at Marx

One can further tune such a circuit for higher voltage
between opposite potentials, by placing the inversely
phased series resonances in the mutual inductance of
magnetic unison  of fields. The gives each coil a
higher Q factor, since the individual coils themselves
aquire an increase in inductive reactance, prior to
being tuned for this change in reactance. A coil of
specified winding direction, can produce either a
North or South pole for its instantaneous appearance
given the polarity input. Whether a coil produces this
north or south pole also depends on how it is phased
in the series resonance. If we take two identically
wound induction coils, place their bases together so
that their winding directions appear opposite to each
other, then the base of one coil will be producing a
South the moment the other inversely phased
resonance's base is producing a North, and a check of
the inductive reactance readings will also show this
fact for the winding alone case, whereby then equal
capacitive reactances are given to match those found
in mutual induction in magnetic agreement.
An arc gap can be set up to short these bipolar
resonant voltage rises. Such a 60 hz bipolar series
resonance is shown at
Binary Resonant System with ordinary quenched arc gap

Coils placed in the vicinity of this arc gap coil
system will record high frequency spikes, at the coils
own natural resonant frequency. Multiturn coils can
have a marked decrease of this natural resonant
frequency. Bifilar zig zag spirals appear to give an
exponential increase in internal capacity, where in
this example for a coil, the windings estimated to be
600 ft, by the 20 by 30 zig zag windings, produce
resonant frequencies in the 30,000 hz range, about a
13 fold reduction in its quarterwavelength values.
This coil is placed near a coil pole so that the
coil's magnetic flux change can occur  across inside
the coils inner diameter, thus creating "conventional"
EMF through magnetic flux change.

Bifilar spiral coil/ conventional reception for rf
ringdown/ 1x probe/ .2 volt/div;10 us/div

Looks like 3 1/2 cycles in 100 us, or 35,000 hz

Now what my understanding of longitudinal EMF is
supposed to be is when the electron movement is not
made from magnetic line crossings at right angles,or
transverse, but instead it is made as a longitudinal
"pulse" that instead moves electrons in the same
direction as the flux "movement", being in and out of
the coil poles, so now for longitudinal EMF, we can
orient the inductor instead at that angle, where then
it recieves the least possible amount of magnetic flux

Bifilar spiral coil/ longitudinal reception for rf
ringdown/ 1 x probe/ .2 volt/div: 10 us /div

Now we see a larger amplitude signal, but more
remarkably a change of frequency to 2.8 cycles/100 us
28,000 hz.

So we can form the idea that loops encompassing
"electric field change" can emit longitudinal EMF. So
a new form of "direct" longitudinal EM might be formed
by attaching a dielectric pathway between the high
voltage potentials, and then having an electric field
plate attached to one of the potentials. Loops facing
these field plates have their electric impulses
considerably magnified if those loops also contain
SrFe ceramic magnets in contact with the electrified
plate. Every changing electric field in space,
generates a magnetic field 90 degrees out of phase
with the electric in time, but ALSO at right angles to
the electric field. The conventional loop assembly to
recieve conventional emf will be with the loops
perpendicular to that surface area, not lateral to the
surface area. Thus the lateral coils represent a
longitudinal receptor and conveyer of the emf to a
neon polar capacity as a load.

Metal plate/ Glass of water/ needle to water surface/
magnet windings under bottom metal plate

These windings can be "shorted as dual loops" and
still deliver the current and voltage to the neon,
which itself can be scoped out for its Longitudinal
Longitudinal EM from Magnet windings/ .1volt/10us/div

Comparison scopings of Variac/NST neon tube scopings
show NO longitudinal EM signals like this. Again the
wire loops are parallel to the imagined  magnetic
lines that might form around a current carrying tube
such as this. About .4 volts is recieved on the ring
bifilar antennae; coming from the persons finger, who
is the end capacity for the circuit. A different
inductor will record a much higher voltage, according
to the higher resonant frequency of the inductor... No
shock can be felt from the Neon buffered end of the
circuit on initial application, but the patient can
shock people easily.

Finger broadcasting .4 volts/~30,000 hz ringdowns

Heres some comparisons of just the magnetic coil
systems flux change differences on a more conventional
11 mh multiturn coil, with a resonant freq near
175,000 hz. This is a 500 ft spool of 14 gauge wire;
the differences of frequency are much smaller;

BRS Scoping of Conventional EM Rf Spike on 11 mh coil:
10x probe -at- 20volts/div; 1us/div
BRS Scoping of Longitudinal EM Rf spike on 11 mh coil:
10x probe -at- 50 volts/div; 1us/div
11 mh coil/ 3 ft, 45 degrees from pole/ tilt for
conventional reception of flux/ 5 volts/div/10x probe/

11 mh coil/ 3 ft, 45 degrees from pole/ tilt for
longitudinal reception of flux/ 5 volts/div/ 10 x
probe/ 1 us /div

Sincerely HDN

Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances



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--- Quote ---scalar energy is created, when you cancel out 2 same magnetic polarities.
such as forcing the negative poles of 2 magnets together.
or have 2 wires with the same polarity conflict, like this:

<------ +
 + ------>
--- End quote ---

when i say for every action one trade takes place what i mean is for instance you have 2 tanks 1 is negavite and and the other is positve they are both 500 that gives them a difference of 1000.. if you were to open the valve for one second resonance exchange should have the same mirror potentials when you close it.. so for instance you started off with 500 opened and closed the valve resonant results could be somthing like +480 and -480.. if they are able to exhchange like that it is the difference in turbulence and a pure high speed vortex cyclone of exchange but end result will give you zero in both tanks.. since they began with exact mirror image..

                                <------ +proton                                          <------ -  electrons
                                  reflecting                                                 reflecting
                  positive  + ------>                                    negative   - ------>



some of that stuff is over my head, this may seem a step back, with the similarities between Meyer's and gray, and Grey studied tesla and possibly Meyer's , not sure if he did or not, how ever  it might 
worth a shot to go through some of Tesla's patents and experiment a little, it could be close to the same tech with different applications. what do you think?


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