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Can somebody look up for me .


Ive been all this page twice and cant find the part where they talk about meyers .

I did a google search

3rd from top , you can see something about meyers .

But on that pahe I cant find the info , can somebody help .

Maybe a *word locator* thing , plz , I must know this info .

There wasn't anything in the page about Meyer related to phase conjugate.

2 easy ways to find that are;

1 Use the cached version of the web page, your search terms are highlighted.  The cached link is under the web page description of the google search.

2 When you are at a web page that you want to find something without reading the whole page, use "ctrl f" on your keyboard.  This opens a search box so you can type in whatever you want and it will search that web page for you.  If your using Firefox browser, the dialog box is at the bottom of your screen.

Using either method can save lots of time and eye strain.

thx mike

I wanna know the opinion of Tom Bearden regarding this , does he ever comment on Meyers ?

ctrl F will allow you to search.....

"Note, the claim by Stan Meyer about his acoustic spark plug, idea stolen from Dale Pond 6 years before, see; Doctor X Experiment."

the phase conjugate and stanley meyer are not related in this article......they both appear on that page but have no realtion to each other.


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