Author Topic: Stanley A Meyer EPG Modification to Improve Ferro Fluid Velocity  (Read 81 times)

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Stanley A Meyer EPG Modification to Improve Ferro Fluid Velocity
« on: November 22, 2021, 16:03:52 pm »
Mechanical Pump EPG

If one closely examines the images of the Mechanical Drive EPG, it is seen that the copper pipe is spiraled  3 and 1/4 loops
This is a result of the input and output openings being at right angles to each other on the B500 Little Giant pump.
To connect the pump to the spiraled pipe, two 90 degree elbow fittings are used. as well as a reducing coupler.
A useful reference to consider for many engineering problems is  The Engineering Toolbox.

A suggestion to eliminate the 90 angles was suggested at one of the Bremen Conferences. (2019)

The Engineering Toolbox site has a chart showing the effect on flow vs. type of fitting or coupling and the equivalent length of pipe

It seems to indicate that the use of 2 very gradual 90  degree  fittings  (ie. large radius) might improve flow by reducing turbulence caused by a sharp 90 degree elbow fitting.

link is--

A 90 degree elbow is equivalent to adding  12 inches of pipe
A 45 degree elbow is equivalent to adding 6 inches of pipe

Thus by removing the 90 degree elbow after the alignment coil and instead continuing
with a curve of the tubing with a bend of 5 cm, turbulence and rheological flow
impediments are reduced by about 2%

Likewise the elimination of the 90 degree elbow from the spiraled core to the input to the
mechanical pump is also reducing the equivalent pipe length by another 2% .
Since the length of tubing in the mechanical  drive EPG is approximately 51 feet, this would be a reduction in effective length of 2 feet or about 4%

So in summary, the suggestion to eliminate two 90 angled connectors appears to be a good one, with about a 4% reduction in
turbulence and resistance to flow of liquids 
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