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As I wish to comment very little, please research Qanon
How does a witch get flying powers.
Where did the man disappear to in selmer Alabama.
What is the  1 2 3 4th kind
What does law enforcement say about cults(research)
And last, his number, his sign, or his name on the forehead or right hand. This is NOT a Microchip
And last, movie titles silence of the lambs
Not intended for comments but is intended for my brothers here to remember to protect your families from what you have not the slightest clue really exist.
I do not like posting these things, however, children shouldn't off their parents bc a book told them to do so. Please let your eyes open so you can protect each other, and please know we are near the revelutions.

How is the coil project going, B?

Any progres there?
Just curious...

Yes sir, always going, just looking for time! Omw to work, installing ducktwork in 150 degree heat all week this week, work and court was last week. When work slows down and the kids become more settled. My wife has so many surgeries. Just dealing with a entirely lot as usual brother.

I even have jobs installing cooling units in attics at night:( I want to run and hide!!!

At least it is colder at night...hahahahaha


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