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I have a lot of great new information this actually not new at all but very old but needs a lot shed on it now I understand how to generate a electrons push inject them and what a resonant cavity really is. More on this lighter guys I know a lot of what I share doesn't seem like much to a lot here because most of the time I'll share something that's already been done LOL and in this case here yes it has already been. But no one is doing it so maybe after I shed some light in these gray areas it will be great for your understanding and I am sure with what I am about to share here in the next few days will motivate quite a few people here.

jim miller:
wel there's always new stuff  but this is old

Just dropping in for a quick moment.  I will say i exploded my frequency generator i have a new one on the way. I strongly believe i have mastered the vic. Just before the explosion i was producing massive amounts of hydrogen in the milliamp range on 9 parallel tubes using stans vic. Some of my xoils needed to be tuned and i am stuck with roasted equipment at this moment. I am so shocked that the instructions were right in front of our faces! Nobody took the time to actually second think what was going on.  No offense please but i have proof the vic works. Stan did not want everything in the patents! Stan put everything in his patents and showed us how to do this! Stan did not put everein his patents because he couldn't. Stan put all instructions in his patents!!! Stan left nothing out! Stan hid his work in his patents! Its right in front of your face, its hidden right there in front of your face. Stan did not hide anything he showed it all! Stan hid it right there in front of your face!!!! How can it be hidden if it's right in your face! Its not hid at all, its hidden well indeed.  Sleep on that and wonder ( i had a working vic on 9 tube cells) i want share until i have it perfect. Its not what you think,  its ezact, a perfect match to stans diagrams of the vic. Its not anything like his patents its very different,  but its also what's in his patents to a T. Until then, keep testing and know i have this proof, and i will share real soon! Does anyone want to donate me some wire, i am in need of some.

If anybody has a feeling on the vic, it is you, for sure.
I am happy you solved it. Sorry for your generator....blowing up stuf is part of this crazy hobby....

It's a Thnder TG 2001 I have purchased identical one from Singapore yesterday so I can look inside and visually see what resistors needs to be replaced because mine are charged beyond recognition the good part is the parts are easily replaceable as they are not soldered in but in dip sockets but the transistors are soldered in and probably about 10 bucks a pop if you can find them but I will have two thander generators in the end as far as the Vic I cannot really say much that will excite most stans researchers because of the fact of you for one Steven know I was able to put thousands of voltes across a cell unfortunately with Stan's Vic this is not the case here however the input voltage around 24 volts and the input current under 1 amp with a single to you in the very small milliamp range water will bowl into its vapor form and about 24 volts 800 milliamps or so you will see nine excited tubes to the point far greater than you would get from a 12 volt battery direct current however the voltage across the cell is indeed low and the current I did not measure because my scope blew apart around the time on my lead dial it started spinning in circles that was laying up on the test table as the magnetic field grew very great also another reason I did not want to share at this point in time is because the secondary call in my toroid bar so-called heated up to the point it started smoking on the secondary side again I was in the milliamp range


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