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« on: July 10, 2016, 22:25:29 pm »
Water Fuel Cell Bulletins variations been reported before such as the 11a versions.  With the acquisition of a water fuel cell bulletin file from an associate
of Stan Meyer if the 1990s it is apparent that water fuel bulletins were revised and had several editions within the same issue number.

Upon performing the photo archiving and assigning photo number tags several examples of variants were noted one of which is illustrated below:

Image 1 is an image of WFC Bulletin 7 from the James Wight collection
Image 2 if from the Allen collection in /England
Image 3 if feom the Grove City Record

In all cases the text is identical but  the photos vary.

The first image shows the dune buggy with sqaure fenders of the buggy from the front.
The second imqge shows the buggy from the right side
The third image (poor resolution) shows the buggy with the solar panel on the back. This is from the newspaper article in a local newspaper

Other variations have also been observed (such as the buggy imagery in the 1991 and 1994-5 editions of the Birth of New Technology

Thus, the Birth of New Technology and Water Fuel Cell Bulletins need to be considered as dynamic publications that were changed and revised over the
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thanks Jim.
Great summary!