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getting pro
« on: September 01, 2014, 17:26:32 pm »
i´m constructing my own tools to get the work done!

The first machine i builded is a motorized winding machine that counts the turns number and the wire length in one single step just need to worry about spreading the wire and insulating every layer.

I´m constructing also a mini lathe that will work as a drilling and milling machine to be able to machine parts as i wish without spending too much money.

I got a huge drilling machine too for trying to use it with a xy table together in the mini lathe i´m building...

for that i got only the principal part of the lathe the plate (used)  and i´m going to fix it to a dc motor thru some pulleys to increase the torque reducing the rpm...

i´m going to post the pics of my lab here soon... stay tuned

with the huge drilling machine i was able to hand manufacture the electrical connections stan had in his cell, with the springs inside...

however i´m getting the parts for my new cells done in two places for hurrying up the process.. when my lathe is ready i will be able to make my tubes sizing more precisely... and so on..

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Re: getting pro
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2015, 20:27:29 pm »
I have here since December 2014 Labview which is a data acquuisition device and softwares that allow me to have a panel having many voltmeters, amp meters frequency meters and temperature meters...

with this signals is possible to further manipulate and extract, watss, impedance...

with this i can plot graphs in real time of all parameters in function of time and even save them for exel...

the value of this complete package is 8000$ software plus hardware... its one of the core equipments in my lab and all was given to me for free.... together with some other very good measuring equipments..

there are some courses to learn using it but the course here costs thousands too.. so i learned to use by myself.. and have some limitations because of that...

i use it mainly to measure what is going into the system

its instaled into a pentium 4 3ghz with 1gb ram very old... running windows 7...


i´m  pushing hard since than!

few months ago i got a multimeter true rms dc+ac with max and min and relative measurements... very good one..

but what is helping me more to become pro is to keep my self organized and focus.. i just want you to know some of the equipments i had to build in the way...

i build a vacuum system for degassing coils.... and other finalites...

Also i buid a motorized coil winding machine.. with adjustable tensor.. charging bobbin and calculator for turns number... it also measure the length of the wire.. .all very manual