Author Topic: Stan Meyer Index to Recently Discovered Documents  (Read 1399 times)

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Stan Meyer Index to Recently Discovered Documents
« on: April 02, 2014, 23:06:00 pm »
As a member of the Stanley Meyer Archiver Group, I occasionally receive documents to evaluate for authenticity  or scientific merit..
A thumb drive recently arrived at my doorstep with over 400 jpegs of meyers correspondence and  materials. The owner does not want publication at this
time but from a historical standpoint much of it has to do with the 1990-1994  time period with much of the material  needing extensive redacting of names and phone numbers.On first observaton some of the materials are already available on the internet as parts of the Birth of New Technology or reprints of US and Canadian Patents.

Some of  the engineering diagrams are related to the fuel injectors, the vic coil , metering valves laser accelerator and other machined parts. Some technical details of the Macor machinable ceramics, the moleculo wire company and reprints of Scence Explained book are part of thecorrespondence. From some of the page numbers it appears as they may have come from Stans Master Laboratory Manual of which only one copy was made and still (presumably) exists in the hands of a tightly held private company. The chapter header pages and numbering of pages indicate that there was a lot more to the Stanley Meyer technologies than has hit the net.
The current owner is leaning toward a downloard format or e book once all the diagrams are  cleaned of certain references of a personal nature and idenitifying marks at the behest of  certain people (still living) who do not want to be be hassled in their later years....release in a year or two??...
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Re: Stan Meyer Index to Recently Discovered Documents
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2014, 23:47:06 pm »
too bad that you may not share, Jim.

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Re: Stan Meyer Index to Recently Discovered Documents
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2014, 08:11:32 am »
That is a miracle to be sure :) It is widely suspected there is more Meyer data out there than has been released on the net. In time it will all come out, in spite of the best efforts of the well funded criminal cartels and governments.

From experience, the very first thing I'd recommend Is to make Several complete backups and store them all over - we're talking Snowden style - for this is the only way we can break the back of corrupt murderers seeking to stifle this technology.

You have been faithful to put in MANY hours of work on Meyers data when many others left when the going got tough - we know it is in good hands. Best of luck on the sorting and redactions - you are very thorough with your archives and listings. Ptl and Pta!

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Re: Stan Meyer Index to Recently Discovered Documents
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2014, 14:00:37 pm »
I wish I could be as optimistic regarding the entire story being told.

1. Documents deteriorate due to age and improper storage. Example, look at the
condition of page K-24 in the expanded tech version

2. Documents are misfiled in various archives or libraries and thus are for all practical purposes lost
and/or missing. This is often  has to do refiling by the public in open shelf archives

3. Documents are discarded upon death of the holder because loved ones do not understand the significance of the
    documents or materials to researchers

4. There may be business or government reasons for certain technologies to be supressed.

 I believe the essentials are out there on the internet but that much of the techncal drawing, engineering prints and
business records  are gone.

Value is a relative thing. For example, there may only be ten 1913 Coca-cola (tm) bottle caps in pristine condition, there may only be a dozen or so Gutenberg bibles, which is worth more?  There may  only one or two copies of Stans Master Laboratory Book in existance.

If the concepts are understood, I think the technologies will be developed, albeit in a different iteration using different materials
I would be looking at the early writings and patents. Mina has it right in terms of looking at the Genesis, the beginnings when Stan Meyer was ollowing the KISS method.

regards jm
Also in the recent thumb drive, I find that there are a lot of duplicates but thay have discussion back and forth between fabricators and Stan and how they were overcoming problems with corrections in machining specifications.

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