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Re: EPG simple and Stupid Theory
« Reply #8 on: March 07, 2014, 08:09:16 am »
I have developed a new theory for the operation of the epg. The electrical particle generator

Tell me what you think please.

The idea is:

The tubes forms a flat coil... this coil is put to resonate with a capacitor or is preferably pulsed to yeld high voltage at the collapse... This forms an Rf field that ionizes and create an oscillation in the ions inside it. like a strong bang

This oscillation together with applied magnetic field by the coils that surrounds the flat coil forming a toroid it creates RF field in the other direction so it can be extracted by output coils...

Since the initial oscillating field is 90 degrees geometric configuration the coupling is zero or almost zero if you want...

the atoms can enter into precession movement that converts the magnetic field into energy... i guess 

The inside of the tube must have heavy insulation to get rid of the ions discharging to the tube and reducing the Q factor of the flat tube coil... maybe it could be coat with teflon to help lowering hydrostatic resistance

FORGET "coatings" never was, never will be... 304 stainless is "chemically inert in the process"
look at every picture/patent of every/any cell...plain machined stainless.
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