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Stanley Meyer Publication of Release Document
« on: January 06, 2014, 06:31:18 am »
The  U.S. Patent Grants  " Publication of Release"  is listed as one of the publications sold by Water Fuel Cell. It is a compilation  and listing of the WFC U.S. Patent Grants in a binder. It originaly sold for U.S. $65 plus $12 postage. Download Stan Myers_2013 pdfs 1 and 2. The various patents listed were apparently in the document as evidenced by the  Velobind" (r) holes along the left margin of the domuments. It is not known if other patents were not included or posted or if that is all that was in the original document. (ed) 

To find go to a browser and search using the term iusewaterasfuel which should bring up the site, then search under the stanley meyer sidebar. The site is a nice little site put up by Matt McMahon of Canada   

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