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The different generations of "Buggy" systems
« on: January 04, 2014, 04:00:52 am »
So far it looks like there were several different generations of the buggy:

Generation 1, 1984
This generation was (I believe) only capable of idling the buggy. It consisted of the demo tube cell with the alternator and electric motor turning the alternator. The electric motor was plugged directly into the house mains.
-Reference News Release # 1, Grove City Record

Generation 2, 1985
This generation was used to show to the military and was shown on Channel 6 News from Columbus Ohio.
This generation was used for the first buggy road test and produced enough gas to run the dune buggy up to 55mph. It used a different WFC placed in a large container with a manual valve to control the engine speed.
This generation used the redline inverter, the ac motor and the alternator as well as a large box containing electronics controls (Likely a modified 8XA circuit as one can see a variac mounted on the box)
-Reference News Release # 2 and Channel 6 Columbus News Report

Generation 3, 1988
This generation used a WFC that was housed inside the water tank (and outside at times) as well as the hydrogen gas injectors and the Hydrogen Gas Management System (GMS). During this time many new components were introduced such as: the Gas Processor, The Laser Distributor, The Laser Accelerator, The electrostatic water filter, The differential solenoids, The exhaust regulator, and a new VIC which did not use the autotransformer and alternator.
-Reference It runs on water documentary, Tech Brief Memo 422, Wo patent Control and Driver Circuits

Generation 4, 1992
This generation used the Water Fuel Injectors. Also the GMS unit was replaced with the Water Fuel Management System. The VIC was replaced with the Injector VIC (1 per injector).
-Reference Stan Meyer 1992 interview, Tech Brief Memo 423 & 425

If you have any more information on any of these generations please post what the info is and on what generation.
Hope this helps us all to learn more about Stan's tech:)