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Need help, please...
« on: July 01, 2013, 16:43:19 pm »
Not sure if you are aware but the Auto Dealer Association is trying to prevent Tesla Motors to Sell car directly to Customers.

Please Sign a Petition here:

As we speak lobbyists around the US are convincing state legislators to limit free market choice and want to tell you what you can and cannot buy. They want to make sure you spend thousands of dollars in car dealerships while you could save your money buying a US made car directly at the store or over the internet just like any other thing you buy from Apple or Amazon.

 What is this about?
 In times without internet and when creating national distribution networks was hard, car makers relied on a network of independent dealerships to sell their cars. Over time, and in an effort to protect the investment of the dealerships, franchise laws were developed to prevent car makers competing with their own dealerships. In an effort to overreach this basic protection, car dealer lobbyists are now trying to prevent any car maker from selling cars directly, even if that car maker does not have any dealerships. This limits the free market and mandates a "middle man" who adds hundreds of dollars to every car sale - money you pay!

 Why is it important to you now?
 In the past weeks and months several states (Texas, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts amongst other) have succeeded in, or tried to limit the sales of Tesla cars through laws that ensured car dealers a protected market without free-market competition. If you want US innovation to be available to all US customers you need to act now before it is too late!

 What can you do to help?
 Sign the petition to ensure that a US company can sell us made cars in all of the US. Attention, the deadline is July 5th so sign the petition now!

 The petition still needs about 30.000 signatures - an achievable goal but only if we act now. Please sign the petition now and let your friends and family know about the petition and why it is important.

 Key questions:
 Why can't Tesla just sell through dealers?
 First, selling an electric car takes more time and effort than a gasoline car. So traditional car dealers will not sell the car. Don't believe this? Go to a GM dealer and ask about the Volt!
 Second, Tesla does not focus on selling but on educating customers and does not operate stores based on commissions. So the buying experience with Tesla is much more pleasant than with pushy car dealers.
 Third, car dealers make most money on service, financing and other add-ons. Electric cars like the Tesla have very little service requirements (no oil changes etc.) so it will be hard to make money off Tesla service. Another reason car dealers don't like the car.

 This is America, how come legislators lend an ear to the car dealers?
 While car dealers like to project themselves as small business they are often multimillion conglomerates spanning many sates which are a contributing large amounts of money to local and state political candidates. This ensures that politicians feel pressured to responding to their demands even though all public opinion polls are showing that the people want Tesla to sell cars directly without the middle man. So make your voice heard, say now to lobbyists restricting the free market and sign the petition now!