Author Topic: Eudiometer for HHO,Methane and Other Flammable Gases  (Read 1215 times)

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Eudiometer for HHO,Methane and Other Flammable Gases
« on: December 16, 2012, 20:06:37 pm »
"HHO was measured by the use of a custom eudiometer.Several prototypes were built mindful of the sensitivity of HHO gas to sparks,
flame and static discharges. As initially constructed, the devices consisted of a clear acyrlic tube approximately 10 cm in diameter
and 45 cm tall. The bottom and top caps were standard PVC plumbing caps. There were a number of configurations built but
the most successful for explosive gases is described below as to the method of operation

Except for instrumentation, electrical solenoids were avoided to reduce the risk of shock in case of catastrophic failure of the
eudiometer casing.and to reduce explosion risk. Consequently the valves wer opend and closed manually. Some casings were
calibrated  and markings placed on them corresponding volume of water or gas.

As an aid to visually reading the water levels, a small amount of  food coloring was added to the eudiometer prior to filling.
The water displaced by the gas was also collected and weighed as a check on procedure.

Since only two of the valves need to be opened or closed  at a time during the measurment run, the investigator and assistant
were all that were needed to perform a test. One person would start the timer and throw the gas production switch and the
other would open or close valves as needed.

Some of the later configurations used photo electric sensors for automatic water level sensing  and for shutting or opening
solenoids in the non flammables area and were tied into the timers and power to the gas generating cells "

Attachment 1 is a copy of the document that decribed the eudiometer and its operation
Attachment 2 shows a rendition of how I thought such a device would have worked with the valves open or closed for each
stage of the  process
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