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Dan Danforth was a contemporary of Stanley Meyer. He had witnessed a demonstration of the Water Fuel Technology
Upon his arrival in Sri Lanka Danny experimented with the  technology but some parts were impossible or
difficult to obtain. Dan worked around these difficulties and produced  Prototype One which was described in the Space Energy
Association newsletter Dec 1991 Vol III Issue IV  page 19 but the available images of the schematic on the internet are difficult to read.
Attached is an attempt to clarify some the values of some electronic components although some errors may have crept in, due to the
qualtity of the initial scan. It is hoped that the values may give some clues as to the process that was occuring.  The value of L1 is
unknown but the instruction for making  it are in the original article. It is essentially a iron core with two windings. The article
also mentions various suggested frequencies and harmonics to use in the process for best results although other frequencies
apparently also "worked".  The last I heard, Dan was somewhere in Hawaii ;)

NOTE; Pin 5  on the 555  timer chip has no connection but thats the way it appears in the original but poorly scanned gif file.
            An additional high voltage circuit is seen at Alex Petty's blog
            Pin five is also not used but pins 2 and 6 are also linked as in the Darforth circuit.
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