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Re: Need a bobbin made
« Reply #8 on: April 23, 2012, 05:16:43 am »
After studying work done on the Lawton circuit, and unsure of how much work it takes to get a VIC circuit going, my first goal might be to try to enhance and improve efficiencies of my cars, hotwater heater, furnaces with HHO enhanced combustion using the 8XA circuit, hoping to get 1-2 lpm on an economical and easy to achieve 5-10A load.  But I am keeping an eye on the VIC circuit and progress on using it on these forums.  But if I were to launch into it now, I would be making my own ferrite cores, mixing it myself in an E shaped parafin wax mold.  Then as for the bobbins, seems a heat gun, hot melt glue gun, polyethylene plastic from vitamin jars and a pair of scissor you could make 5 bobbins in a few hours...    It only needs to contain the coil and I don't think there is any heat involved.