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confused newbie
« on: May 07, 2011, 20:42:42 pm »
Hello guys,

I'm glad I've found this forum. I'm from Romania and one of my top priorities in life is get off the grid and live free as quick as possible. I've managed this in theory to a large degree but I still haven't found any self reliant, weather independent, solution on heating (space and water) and current generation. The idea is to achieve these with DIY technologies that are open-source, simple, sturdy (if possible portable) and affordable as much as possible to the third world countries. 

I have looked a little bit on this forum and being a newcomer to HHO technology I'm quite confused and would appreciate your input as experienced members of this community on following issues:

1. do you know someone who has achieved space heating driven by HHO and photovoltaic panels?
2. is there any DIY technology that allows storing hydrogen generated as described above for cloudy days?
3. are you aware of somebody who has managed to heat the water for his home with hho technology?
4. are you aware of someone who has actually built a generator running on hho technology?
5. do you know someone who has actually achieved one or more of the above and is willing to share/sell the technology? Of course this implies that both cost of acquisition and cost of build is well within reason.

I have found on the internet but they use 330W for power which in my opinion, having seen that Stan Meyer's technology used only mA, is highly power hungry and definetly not an option for (future) off-griders like me.

If there's interest in the solutions I have come up with I'll gladly share them.