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Title: Are we nuts?
Post by: Login to see usernames on August 05, 2020, 09:47:19 am
Do you never ask yourself if we are nuts trying to find other ways to break watermolecules?
How long can you staying doing this?
Title: Re: Are we nuts?
Post by: Login to see usernames on August 06, 2020, 18:46:14 pm
i already thought about that steve, many many times, my family and friends also asked me many times... however i even doubted myself may times and have give up sometimes. is not our fault if we believed but the only thing is that i feel like we were fooled by the believe that it could be done with no knowledge and lot of money and work and more knowledge. today i fell how much powerful i became, i can build things develop ideas, and do things that work and it came with time and all the work i did on this cells.

I believe part of industry already use this! is much like the history of teflon. when it came out we may find that the petroleum princes already use it since 90s...

i decided to not being fool again and try to use industry advances for the benefit of the research instead of trying to do all i can my own because of lack of money...

honestly i still believe the tech exists since everyday i see how greedy the human being become. sincerely this hope makes me feel more powerful and have a meaning for live.

after all i take it like a very long study, that gave me lots of tools and knowledge to able me to do whatever i can imagine.

im thinking of using flybacks from laser power supply to make my next tests...
Title: Re: Are we nuts?
Post by: Login to see usernames on August 06, 2020, 19:04:11 pm
i think that i would actually get nuts if i dont try all that i know i didnt try correctly over the years..

nuts or not someone have cut my break of the car when i was trying to buy the dp30k so if someone was afraid of something we can discover its around high voltage subject!

when i see no more tests possible and im confident that all tests i did was the best i could than i can give up.

last thing that dies we say here in Brazil is hope, i truly believe stan because i saw he talking and my feeling is that he was not a complete liar. also more patents suport the idea, horvath, eccles, haitin, puharich.. we may not be nuts but we my have being lied to and we are simply good heart.

Title: Re: Are we nuts?
Post by: Login to see usernames on August 06, 2020, 21:17:54 pm
a good hart. Yes we are.

I look at this from the perspective that i learned a lot of skills and other knowledge. That is the gain.
I am also not done yet, because i havent made the horvarth cell / Anderson cell done with radiolysis and magnetfields.
But i know that we all are pretty nuts!  ;)