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I will create for those who are interested into participate excell sheets for tests. Each test will be a level and require some equipment that will all be described in the test procedure...  where to go for the next level you need to fill the sheets with the test values and post the tables with the results graphs for all to analize and compare results etc...

who agree to make part of it will have the compromise to post the results and tables and graphs as required by the test.. .

Of course any addon will be apreciated and if possible included in the test procedure...

the tests will have versions that goes from 1.0 to 1 milion

all us must start from the start.. me included.. i even will post some scopeshots for the steps in the tests..

all are welcome to be part of it and help improove.. .

the first test example will be posted right here and will be open for you to decide if you want to be part or not of this..

The first test i propose is the following...

the charge pump contest

for it you will need a squarewave generator or a variable dutycycle generator.. .(i will provide schematics soon) it will drive a high voltage high amperage capable igbt or mosfet.. 1200v 15 to 30 amps is suitable... for the power supply i suggest a variac feed by 220v (those chinese 500W 250v cheap) feeding a step down transformer having 3:1 ratio and having a secondary and primary with thicker wire than common it can be hand made with the formula well known... or you can get a second variac open it and wind a 18AWG or 16AWG on it to get the proper voltage high amperage desire... i have one  i made... or you can use a batery of a car etc,...

in parallel with the transistor add two 880v of TVS protction with the 1,5k440c using series and parallel to protect the switch... it can be alternately added in parallel with the primary

for the transformer you need a primary and a secondary wound with 18AWG and 24aWG respectively with 20 and 200 turns

you can chose to do one over the other or on separeted bobins but specify it

you can choose the core to use...

you can change the number of turns to something you already have if its within a 50% range

Test with 12v applied and put the values on the table provided in attachment   

print the table

find a place to storege all the tables schematics and drawings you will need print  in an organized manner

after that you need another coil wound over the secondary in the same direction...
20 turns

simply add to the secondary and take the notes on the table for the suggested configurations

more to come later on..

the password for the first excell sheet will be posted later too