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Title: Photo0066 gallery
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Most of the photgrammetric imagery and enhanced images are still in jim miller project thread here at ionizationx
Image 1  Use of sharpen, edge enhancement and color reversal to get better edge line for photogrammetry
Image 2 the key ratio  image photo of photo0066.jpg  showing ratio link to photo0068.jpg and caliper measures

449:75:: <val>: 0.75
4.49 inches

Image 3 - A view of the tube holder bracket with screen caliper measures

613:104::<val>: 0.75
4.42 inches

Thus, there is a very good consistency between photogrammetric measures of photo0066.jpg and
photo0068.jpg and the information so graciously provided by Dynodon!!

Assuming a close but not too tight fit for the Cell housing, Dynodon's measurments fo 5.5 OD for
the cell housing  (minus 2X .375 for cell wall thickness) = 4.75 are right. About  0.13 inch clearance
which would allow for close O ring fit  and a close (but not jam fit )for the upper tube holder.
Actually the figures are better than that!  4.75"-4.49"= .26"    .26/2 = .130 which is sooo close to .125  1/8th inch for O ring  Almost  like it was planned that way!