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Title: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on June 25, 2010, 03:32:21 am
So after building the best oscillators ever I have done it again ,. I have built a bunch of crazy oscillators  I actually invented a massive 3 channel harmonics phase shift pure oscillator that is 100% stable . Using the appropriate analog logic that I invented with a ramp wave and comparators I created this I can make a 0-5 Khz phase shift pure sine oscillator that has no jitter and phasing issues that I can adjust with a single pot phase or amplitude and a intuitive pwm I have done it again . Some other stuff I took from others / made better / fine tuned / selected best fastest components / rendered perfect .

But that is not my latest invention , I have built the proper ampilfier to test out my oscillators , this is effectively my 3rd invention , true non-existant circuit topologies . This was the result of much analysis on what exactly is goin on with an inductive circuit , as you know the coil tries to keep the current constant , this means that the control device has to absorb the reactive energy , this is not natural as true ac is , since the source of typical generator AC is itself a piece of wire coil and not a device proned to failure and seconda breakdown . This is the reason for the bias , maximum reliability , the use of  mosfets makes this indestructible .

This is my invention , this amplifier circuit does not exists in any book , nobody biases and uses the wave in this way for audio , yet it has a few advantages over class A push pull , it is litteraly my invention and nobody does this in this way . First advantage is that is far more efficient when we have an amplitude modulated signal as dc bias is never affected by amplitude variations , unlike class A push pull or single ended . It is also durable .

I have already begun steps to patent this topologie and have already payed for research @ the patent office .

The op amp that should be should be fast slew rate , not current feedback type , good rail voltage , stable at low gain  .

As you can see this works semi-ok with various capacitive loads /reactive loads / resonant loads .

This is still un-built physically , I am about to build it with a "proper" pcb . I dont suggest you actually attempt this very difficult build without me doing it first and telling you if it is worthy to spend that very limited effort that you can squeeze out of your body . And it this is better than using an alternator , there is in fact a difference , it is more difficult to drive a complex reactive load with an amplifier , I am not gonna embark onto why that is since most of you did not research this or understand the math .

I have pust here different famous circuits , one i class A like voltage follower , other is the classic single ended , maybe you wanna learn a bit .

I will come back and give news of this once I have fully perfected and adjusted the design .

Good day !

Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on June 25, 2010, 13:12:55 pm
but why would anyone need a 3 phase oscillator?
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on June 25, 2010, 13:36:02 pm
this is a single phase amplifier , you could make it 3 phase if you have the right oscillator .

You are right , nobody needs a 3 phase oscillator
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 12, 2010, 04:25:46 am
( here is what I said before but was censored by Tony Woodside .

As you can see my amplifier dont work for Stan , all these errors mean it dont work .

It works well when both sides see same impedance , Puharich or Stephen like .

It works like a charm for modulation like I said , I have the perfect little am circuit that works just fine also .

So I decided to finish my project after all since this hellish crazy project will be nice on my resume anyways , when I come back from work I do a little pcb , its goin slowly since this is boring but its 80% finished so ... The dual 3 phaser , the Puharich . I will not post the actual components and what should be done to make this functionnal , the circuit itself is only 50% of the working device anyways . Everything you see here is under patent application , alot of work went into this ladies and gentlemen .

I also made a kapanadze oscillator for my kapanadze experiments , it works real nice actually  , those circuits posted by the russian guy work  , modified it a bit , Im gonna draw it up and post it on energeticforums . Its basicly a simple 4 component add-on to my EEC P mosfet design , now isntt that great ? You see how things add up easily when the HHO God is on your side . I was gonna take out my Stan pulse to save space but it looks like it will have a use after all .
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 16, 2010, 08:56:26 am
( here is what I said before but was censored by Tony Woodside .

I never censored you???
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 26, 2010, 01:42:22 am
So I am making much progress these last few days , its long because theres so many things I must take into account , star ground , recirculating current , short distance from the driving amp to the mosfet , magnetic coupling between power lines and signal and feedback lines most be carefully tought out and shielded , everything has to be tucked in between ground neatly . I am extremely happy with the lower part of the board , I managed to respect the rules from this app note I got here and made this cool and symetric looking and very space efficient  . I am now reworking the top a bit , wich looks noob and innefficient in space .

So this thing is 10.5 inches long , I am gonna brg it back to 9.5 inches long .

How this is gonna work is that thhere will be heatsinks on the side and an air cooled fan , 12 mosfets here believe it or not . The pre amp and driver stage is power by +-24 dual power supply , this will pull about 250 mA , and there will be a 12.6  volt car battery or ultra heavy duty power supply powering the mosfets . I am also using irf mosfet now instead , using some feedback and a simple biasing scheme . Its an design used by many with my very own twist .

I also discovered that my amp works great whern theres a diode in the circuit after all , the parameters were messed up on my sim . So yeah , just really progressed these last few days , theres no way this isnt getting released .

I also re-tought everything and reduced the cost of components to the point where all components will cost less than originally tought with lateral fets , wich is a massive accomplishement for something this big . This will be a thing that I will make for everybody @ cost + hour fee of fabrication and hourly cost . dollar an hour to assemble . I will keep these cheap , these will be cheap because I will copyright the board and the circuit . This will cost about 2500$ but will be worth it in the long run . Everything will be there to see and repair ( if it were actuaslly to be damaged in a themonuclear post apocalyptic future if it wasnt in a faraday cage )  just like any other cheriched piece of equipment . I recently learned that you can patent any circuit wich is totally different and tons of add ons were added , the 3 phase logic I use is infact the only thing thats wasnt my original invention . And if the board is yours that it is infact a product that is legally ptotected  .

This is effectively the worlds first high frequency linear 3 phase amplifier , its also a solid state am modulator transformer coupled for Puharich and other type of experimenting . And a pulser  ... The top side is the pulser logic and was made carelessly since it dont matter for cmos .

All is not finished as you can see , finishing up and examining .
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 26, 2010, 03:06:20 am
Yes I tought this was gonna be obvious , all you need to to is flick 2 switches or unsolder a resistance to take a single phase . All phase are controlled by a single pot knob .

There is another detached sine oscillator right there that is tuned for a slower freq and a mixer .

So w/e you ever wanna to do its possible .

BUT , all is made to work with center tap audio bandwidth transformer , made or sold seperatly . These I heard were superior to single ended , high power models should be made at home or copied from pro type transformers .

These use special cores , and tuning of materials etc , just like the VIC .... But 1:1.73 winding can be made manually in 30 minutes , wich is just cool for us .
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 26, 2010, 05:40:05 am
So what you guys think ?

Are you in awe by my nice criss-cross design ? power supply integrated right there .

The way I imagine this is like this , we use 2 wire of 10-4 three phase wire . Every channel of mosfets sees a  hot wire , both wire ground go to battery and center .

Batterie(s) right under the unit box fitting perfectly , transformer besides or over the whole thing. Ultra clean and neat. and taking up little space .

I can just dream about the awesomeness as I take a sip of this corona , mmmm .... Must go to work now .
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 26, 2010, 20:38:59 pm
Theres a pulser on there with ez or manual gating , this should take you far enough . I wont work on Stan's control and driver circuit sorry .

Forgot to mention , this pulser incorporates what I call off beat protection . See my vid on youtube to see what I mean . The chip I use always makes 100% perfect 50/50 pulses .

This basicly means that w/e gate frequency , the pulsing frequency will always complete its cycle before the gate starts , so theere will never be a half or quarter off-beat pulse that was cut off .

This is actually the best manual pwm that I know of . unique compared to the 150$ crap pwm competition out there , but I consider it not even 5% of my whole work .

This litterally blows the competition of w/e HHO random thing wich will be accessible to the public  , the only useful  "HHO" product on planet earth wich is not a scam , cuz theres only a bunch of scammers and thieves out there givin Hydrogen technologies a bad name .

The competition is litterally smashed into a billion pieces with nuclear weapon ,then putrid sewage from south carolina poured on top , and then reverse maxwellian torsion weapons de-create its very existence .

Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 29, 2010, 00:25:53 am
Would not/could not a 3 phase oscillator run or drive a 3 phase motor?  Is this a dc/ac 3 phase inverter or could it be modified for that?  Might work as a VFD...

Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 29, 2010, 03:37:32 am
It deffinitly could  , but this is a linear sine amplifier , not a 98.5% efficiency pwm unit t, its really for getting maximum sine purity for small size experimenting without emi and transcient noise like pwm generated sine waves .

My suggestion is that your motor should be small as hell if you wanna use my amplifier for this . But my best suggestion is that you use a pwm vfd . If you intend to use the 3 phase  energy directly then my amplifier is by far more efficient since you are not using the "state of art method for experimenters" ( motor running alternator wich runs load ) . I think I said by now why this isnt good or efficient for experimenting .

Remember that you need center tapped primary transformer to combine both half waves into a useable sine .

With love from russia . (

outta here .
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 31, 2010, 10:48:38 am
As I trying to figure out more about the kapanadze pulser somebody showed me the right circuit and good site with goood info .
Title: Re: Dankie invents again
Post by: Login to see usernames on August 21, 2010, 08:35:07 am
Here is the pcb ill be getting from pad2pad in 10 days .

Here is is it , i got a box of components right here and am waiting for the pcb .

If this works as simmed this is gonna be a success , I can now see the move towards renewable energy . The tool for the new economy , every tent village will have one of these .

I have incorporated true groundplane starground , DIP package for all chips for easy soldering or simply snap on . run a few power wires and thats it solder some resistors capacitors and thats it .

On here is a super useful pulser , with intuitive harmonics and a manual gate jolt-like , wich can be used as the main pulse if you want to . On here is a flyback flip flop circuit also for some kapanadze , the best pulser that money can buy , mosfet and mosfet driver included , theres a P channel Mosfet here also wich can be drivenb y a multitude of possibilities incase you want a high side drive like the EEC or ion experiments .

On here are two 0-25000 pure sine generators , you can go low as 0.25 hz since all is dc coupled muahahahaha . A good AM mixer is included exactly as specified by Puharich , tuneable to the max .

On here is a dual 3 phase pure sine network from 0-25000 hz

On here is 6 channels of what I call a no transcient amplifiers , extremely durable because I use all N channel mosfets , self regulating wih feedback , very easily switchable from "AM efficiency mode" to "super stable and strong for reactive load mode" . Theres always 100% feedback with both modes . all 6 channels have been designed for over power 30 amps per channel  . This will be a fan cooled heatsink on the side amplfier . See that starground plane , now thats a real starground ground plane ,   not the crap you would get from a panasonic or sony instrument .

I am very excited since I see this as perfect for the joband made some excellent logical choices , it is better than , smaller than , unique , many times cheaper than , vs 2000+ dollars  of crap instruments and equipment wich are in reality useless since you neeed endless pre-amps , amps , differential signaling , shielding , + all these are bad for the job anyways , all this is solved with this one small yet very powerful board . This is the tool for the new economy of tinkerers , soon there will be only tinkering goin in the states , millions of oppressed tinkerers .