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Technology developments
« on: April 04, 2017, 16:20:58 pm »
I'm thinking along the years a way to have some funds to be able to work at a the water fuel cell with more possibilities and peace of mind.

So I though that we need design technologies to help people and to make some money at the same time...

One thing I think is important to be developed and that must be like Stan says simple stupid and economic, is no-breaks with capabilities to receive alternative energy sources and disperse the excess energy into a network.

Of course today there are already technology to do it but none is simple nor cheap...

I thought of a system consisting of a system for charge batteries and another that is a inverter capable of generating a frequency synchronized to the network frequency.

I'm designing a pll system for doing that!!!

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Re: Technology developments / battery charging
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 11:06:17 am »
I was thinking about how to create a simple system to allow a range of voltages to charge a battery with high efficiency while being simple and economic.

i thought about using a pulse transformer for that but however with the voltages on the secondary somewhat smaller than the battery voltage

in that manner the primary must be allowed to collapse to let the secondary have the apropriated voltage to send current into the battery but as the voltage is smaller the current will be higher but basically the transformer will work in a flyback step down mode

will a high voltage switch at the primary side and proper protection it would be effective to charge a battery from some different voltage ranges and it would be efficient because most energy will be transfered to the load

when we have a consistent voltage at the generator is no big deal developing a transformer this same task but is bulky and heavy

let me do an example the generator is doing 90 v in a given moment and the step down ratio is 90  it would have 1 v at the output during pulse on but when the pulse colapses it can go 12 times higher with a 1200 v transistor so at the output would be 12v but with 10x more current

lets think about that

if get 90v 3.3 amps 300w at the output there should be 12v 300amps this is the peak force

the load will kind of clamp the voltage by a certain extent but if no power is dissipated at the load side the protection will suffer and must be capable of burning this 300w this means many tvs and power resistor in there


so it can power a wide range of battery voltages too