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oposite spining magnet
« on: June 25, 2016, 10:53:01 am »
i though of something...

what if we take two bar magnets and spin one in one direction (magnetic field spining) one in one direction and the other magnet in the other direction... with a coil in the middle of two...

the magnetic flux output would be twice as the rotation of both magnets doubles the frequency...

mag   coil   mag

flip             flip

mag   coil   mag


in       out     (of the paper)
N  coil S
O spin O axis
S  coil N

My experience with generators tells me how important realy is the reactance there...

in a generator the voltage drop also depends on the reactance... meaning that for example you get a load of 1 ohm and you get a reactance of 100ohm in the generator it wont be able to develop any power into the load...

also the resistance of the coils play the same role...

meaning that to extract real juice power from a generator is not very simple... it must have low enough reactance to provide many amps for example.. a capacitor can be used to cancel the reactance giving a kind of resonant output...