Author Topic: Rpm H2 Generator for improve life quality  (Read 892 times)

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Rpm H2 Generator for improve life quality
« on: July 15, 2013, 23:35:34 pm »
I'm going to build a small generator that is going to generate gas proportionally to the rpm of the engine...

i'm going to use a frequency to voltage converter than this signal controls the pulse width or number of pulses going into the generator.

The idea is that mixing some hydrogen is going to make the gasoline burn in a more complete manner.

If only hydrogen is inserted there is also the benefit that the lambda sensor of the car is going to make the system automatically inject less fuel.

Of course is a good idea to use a bubbler for safety although its just pure hydrogen.

The vacuum from the engine should arrive to the bubbler to help the bubbles come off and limit the air intake to the engine somehow...

Actually some of the air could get mixed to the gas.

The point is:

Gasoline burn really poorly inside combustion chambers (30% or so) by many factors. One of them is that it turns to water and its got a high specific heat that limits the maximum temperature of the burn and how fast it can happens.

The engine works on difference of temperatures, pressure and volumes.

As hydrogen burns faster then gasoline it helps burning more gasoline molecules by providing kind of a longer and stronger activation energy to the fuel mix to burn. Could be equivalent to using a plasma spark plug but the energy of the hydrogen contribution is much greater in energy than the spark can ever be.

Basically the flame propagates really much faster in hydrogen oxygen than is a gasoline vapor oxygen mix only and because of that it helps the gasoline burn much faster, raising the temperature gradient and pressure since the explosion is accelerated in a sense and happens at a point closer to the peak of pressure.   

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