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Title: PLL frequency to voltage converter
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In the pll the bandwidth is controled by the resistor 1 and capacitor, this determine the minimum frequency and maximum frequency it would lock varying the input voltage at pin 9 from 0 to vcc... also a off set can be included maintaining the bandwidth but allowing another frequency range... it actualy change a little the bandwidth increasing a little at the same time as the frequency off set when the r2 is lower...

i will be using this to convert the rpm of the car to a voltage signal... for using a rpm gauge and for some ideas of injecting hydrogen proportionaly to the number of injections to see if it would help in the combustion efficiency..

this voltage signal will vary the pulse width of a low frequency generator made with an opamp and a 555 timer.. old sebos gate ckt..

the voltage output may come from the demodulated output on the pin 10 of the pll since its just a voltage follower coming from pin 9 signal already..

i´m thinking to use an opamp to be able to create off set in the signal if required on tuning of the car... 

basicaly i´m finding my way to use the gas but control its production on demand automatically..

probably it will take few ics and parts..

regarding milleage i found that my car having a old malfunctioning fuel pump makes me an economy of more than 10% so i will design also a current limiter for fuell pumps so anyone can add it and control the pressure of the injection on its car.. this would allow longer injection cycles in first glance but the injection cycles may also have a limit and here is where it will start to cut the fuel being injected by some extent...

Title: Re: PLL frequency to voltage converter phase comparator 2
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Phase comparator two works on positive edge phase diference detection if there is diference in the phase of time between the input at pin 14 and pin 3 the output of 13 pin will be positive or negative charging or discharging the voltage of the capacitor of the filter going into the pin 9...

this make it all very easy.. it means a simple triger signal can be used as feedback it does not care about the duty cycle and still will be able to lock..

i´m just interested in the ability to follow the frequency and create a voltage out of this because it will allow the control of hydrogen production in my application..
Title: Re: PLL frequency to voltage converter
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for the input i´m planing to use a reedrelay that will create a trigger for every turn of the shaft.. actually i could take it anywhere and use whatever frequency range according to sim.

the output will be a relay going to my cell

i´m also planning other kinds of outputs

i was thinking to have two coils being pulsed in push pull flyback mode having a step down factor to increase the amps but allowing the primaries to collapse leaving a peak of amps at twice the frequency..

basically as one is pulsed the other is collapsing..

its just plain pulsed electrolysis

this is part of my plan to see the action of hydrogen and gasoline mixed...

to limit the gasoline fuel i´m building also a current limiter out of a darlington transistor and potentiometer.. and heatsync this will reduce the pressure of the fuel into the car injectors..

i wont mess around with the effie yet... but probably will be necessary to add an opamp there to change the signal for a different efficiency in the burn of the gasoline..

for example if the hydrogen oxygen will be completely burned and the gasoline is more effectively burned there should be less oxygen left out for exaust

this would automatically tell the car to send less gasoline by shorting the time of the injection..

i really doubt i would need anything else than just reduce the pressure of the pump to get control of the extrapower if it does apear...

i repeat just to make it clear i´m trying to see just if the hydrogen and oxygen added change the efficiency of the gasoline burn by maybe propagating the flame front faster the pressure is greater at the ignition point leading to a higher eficiency.,..

My cell is capable of puting maybe up to 50liters per minute of gas if i could feed it with 14 v 400amps or so...

i will run with just up to 10 amps max... i was planing on using peltier devices to create energy from the heat loss from the engine to get the amps for the cell... so not loading the alternator.. but this are very expensive and will be a though later again as a further step..

basically its 19 plates 20cmx15cmx2mm forming two sets of 9 cells in series... this should give 1.5v per cell feeding with 14v from alternator

Title: Re: PLL frequency to voltage converter
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My projects are going on... and i get i great news.. after all i got a nice job for the next months paying nice and left 4 days per week to work on my projects... sometimes we need to move one so  new ways appear,..

now i will be able to invest at least more in the project... i´m doing some gym at home to get stronger... eating better and also running to get my heart more prepared for whats is to come.. i was too underweight and weak...now i feel the energy back running on my veins...

its increadible how much the mood change the abilities to see and do

I think this is what some people call depression... i dont believe depression in my point of view the pearson need to find its strenght if dont falls in the weakness.. 

some girlfriends and relatioships can lead to this situations also work relatioships ... becarefull dont fall and keep strong as we do@it   

i ended up my relatioship with my girlfriend after the kidnap and it was like a trigger to set me in a mood of becoming young again to be able to get my energy back to keep doing the things... i was exausted..

hope you all doing well too