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Title: New circuit add pulse shaper toner
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 26, 2015, 14:21:41 pm
I created in the past days a ckt that will do many jobs

it is capable of creating a duty cycle pulse proportional to a voltage signal, so with this we can construct from puslse shaper for the pll allowing it to change the duty cycle maintaining the duty over the frequency range... it can create the signal for the injectors allowing to modulate the timing with the analog voltage generated on the pedal for example...

all pretty easy and simple.. like it should be

it used really maybe no more than 10 parts 555timer, 741 opamp, 3 resistors, one potentiometer one trim pot and a capacitor if you want a pnp transistor to invert the trigger input

is just a monostable with an opamp sending a voltage to the control voltage pin 5 of the 555 timer.. you can use the opamp as a voltage inverter amplifier or just amplifier if is the case,,,

i'm working now for the pll so i will adjust the range to be inverse proportional as the voltage raise in pin 9 of the pll 4046 it must decrease at pin 5 of the 555

the filter section of the 4046 can create a voltage in respect to the variation of the rpm for example....

it can also be made only with the 555 if no meant to the duty to be proportional to the frequency...

this is the main base of the gms circuit meyer developed..

i believer when ron neal release them we will see lot of this monostable and 4046s around... because is just very simple to use.. to convert frequency to voltage, voltage to frequency, voltage to duty cycle, voltage to panel indicators..

this circuit also generate under harmonics if you extend the duty it will create a minimum possible duty cycle than it will half the frequency and also if you go into this lower harmonics you see trains of 99,9%duty cycle
Title: Re: New circuit add pulse shaper toner
Post by: Login to see usernames on July 28, 2015, 03:08:38 am
this cot is very unstable, does anyone know why?

i'm not sure if its false triggering the 555 or if the opamp inputs are fluctuating but as a pulse the circuit it gets kind of dirty signal...

anyone willing to make one and see if can help tuning it?