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Most efficient tubelar cell from Wouter Oosthuizen waterfuelforall

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That looks like a crop circle.  There's a good chance he's using shape resonance - associated with biphasic energy - for the charges to self organize.  This a good approach to free energy.  Or at least a high efficiency system.

I'm not familiar with this Inventor's work, but if you want to wire this multi tube assembly like a crop circle, the connections need to be at the center, rather than the ends.  One wire goes to the center, on the left, on the outside of the outside tube and the other wire goes to the center, on the right, on the inside of the inner tube.  I posted the shape resonance circuit in the past, but that forum got deleted.

In operation, it only takes a momentary input to the outer tube for the self organizing charge to start building, with an ongoing counter phase connection to the inner tube.  If it arcs over at some point, the outer tube needs another momentary input.


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