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The fusion neutron yield from a laser-irradiated heavy-water (D2O) spray target was studied. Heavy-water droplets of about 150nm diameter in the spray were exposed to 35fs laser pulses at an intensity of 1×1019W/cm2. Due to the 10–50 times bigger size of the spray droplets compared to usual cluster sizes, deuterons are accelerated to considerably higher kinetic energies of up to 1MeV. Neutrons are generated by the deuterons escaping from the plasma and initiating a fusion reaction within the surrounding cold plume of the spray jet. For each 0.6J of laser pulse energy, 6×103 neutrons are produced by about 1011 accelerated deuterons. This corresponds to a D(d,n) reaction probability of about 6×10−8. Compared to cluster targets, the reaction probability in the spray target is found to be two orders of magnitude larger. This finding apparently is due to both the considerably higher deuteron energies and the larger effective target thickness in the spray target. The measured neutron yield per accelerated deuteron [i.e., the D(d,n) reaction probability], is employed to compare and extrapolate the neutron emission characteristics from different target arrangements.


 2 in the e-cat process by the Italian inventor Rossi an increase in Copper was reported in the nickel powders utilized

3 in the environmental tape by Meyer  he mentions the  remediation of radioactive waste

Question is the gINT mentioned by Meyer actually  a Mizuno or LENR process?

Meyer's effect had nothing to do with the e-cat.  That one used a special isotope of Nickle which can convert to Copper.  This isotope does not occur in nature and must be manufactured.  Meyer found that when an Oxygen nucleus experiences an impact in the presence of an electron extraction field, the nucleus itself emits a beta electron.  This causes the Oxygen to decay to the next higher element.  There's no evidence he was using this with the dune buggy.  One drawing of his Injector does show a dielectric ring at the output, perhaps to facilitate a Z-pinch.  However, to use this effect, the Injector spark would need to be aimed across the top of the Piston, rather than AT the Piston.  Meyer may have had some kind of LENR technique, but he wasn't using it inside an engine.  But this doesn't mean it can't be used to produce excess hydroxy gas, for subsequent injection.

Hey guys D2O has nothing to do with H2O, D2O has deuterium instead of hydrogen and is very hard to make, deuterium has a neutron while hydrogen has no neutron, deuterium doesn't like the neutron and will give it to be in a lower energy or more stable state.


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