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That airblower is a tricky subject. If you're blowing Plasmoid, you're going to get voids, because of the surface tension.  Old school has it that, with a scalar Field's penetrating presence, dark energy will form across the voids.  (Like a surface shadow).  So this will add a little extra expansion.

And I was thinking about what he said about his waveform being a cross between a box and a triangle.  What if a square wave ended with a triangle going on up?

That the waveform changed because of the waterfuelcell is proven...

Thanks for yr thoughts on the airblower, Tek.

Ill send you a pm today...
Need your view on something...


It looks like that most of the members are hanging backwards......... ;)
I know that this technology is one of the long breath....

We need builders. I need an engine....

Good point about the engine, Steve.  But I'm wondering how safe it would be to discharge heavy water vapor into the atmosphere.  Can we use radiolysis at a lower, non fusion voltage?

I recently picked up a professional Geiger counter.  I may get back to my C/O fusion tests.  This might also produce radiolysis, and perhaps thermal dissociation.  Hopefully, no deuterium.  (Even if that has more energy than H).


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