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Jesus Christ is Lord

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--- Quote ---Religious is a general term that encompasses all religions.  Christians would proclaim "Christ is Lord", Muslims would proclaim something else as would Jews or Buddhists or whatever take your pick.  Christian isn't the only religion last time I checked.  It may be your religion but not everyone else's.  Whatever works for the individual as long as other individual's beliefs are not infringed upon.  That's one of the pillars on which this country was based among others.
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yes everyone is entitled to a free mind of open perspective to the views that they have found through there time here on earth... but when it comes down to it theres a kiss method with god... the most simplest of views.. which is god is light and clarity and knowledge all that pertains to good... while evil is dark, distortion and false perspective of knowledge (lies) its as simple as hot and cold.. they both are needed to creation motion (action aka life)  god is love which is magnetic attraction creating manifistations in are 3d world while evil is deflective creating destruction in our demension. 

one must accept god to be all true knowledge as well as matter... that includes technology  so for a new tech to be brought into action (life) would be considered a birth of new knowledge aka gods son.. as long as its true technology as in tru to the people and not a select few when it comes to maintaining freedom since god represents freedom too.  gasoline would be sinister since it locks people down with lifetime careers to be able to maintain and live.. thats not freedom that being locked into slavery due to lock on resources...  we are a image of god meaning we have intellegence and can use it to bring forth gods perspectives..

Apolgies to anyone offended by this statement i believe that religion is an import part of our society (regardless of what your religion is) but religion and science don't mix as religions rely on faith and belief and science relies on understanding and knowledge. I will not reply to this message or any others following it.
If he was using that statement as a metaphor then he is treading a very fine line as words can be misunderstood or misinterpreted...

no offese taken... everyone has  the right to their own belief and or opinion..   i just state perspectives that are brought forth in my thought..... .

whats this "*"? is it a wordfiltered word?`what is it?

 g o d


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