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Jesus Christ is Lord

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and now for something completely different

Our minds will deceive us and cannot be trusted.
They have to be renewed with the Bible, as Stan found, in order for them to work at their highest capacity.
Who would know best how to process the water molecule, other that the One who created it?
Some of the things Stan got into just boggles the mind - he had to have help from a higher power.
Christianity is different from all others in that it requires trust in what Jesus has done for us to get to heaven, whereas all others make the requirement on what WE can do.
Obviously, none of us can be good enough to make it on our own - even if we tried our hardest!

Merry Christmas to everyone out there!
I'm sure we will be receiving more clues on Stan's stuff as we continue the research...

Proselytizing during the winter solstice....  arrogance that exposes self superiority and belief systems which ultimately close the mind to the possibilities of the universe



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