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Jesus Christ is Lord

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Yes, we have here a word filter.
It was installed after some mudslinging.
But i removed now, for you, the word God  from the filter.

Use it wise.. ;)

I think Stan was acting, like many USA and some european politicians do.
Add more power to their words by using His name.

But you all may disagree with me, of course.


Well I dont think he was acting , that guy Joseph Newman has the same attitude if you watch his video .

Most inventors are religious .

And hes keeping it secret , just like Stan .


--- Quote from: Steve on January 05, 2010, 23:51:06 pm ---
But you all may disagree with me, of course.


--- End quote ---
i don't. of course it's easier to convince others if they are religious and you can make them think that your idea is from god or whoever.

First of all i have seen God spelled with lower case letters and that accually isnt proper grammar in the christian world. Second of all "Religion" is man made. "Christianity" is Christ made. Religion is the invention of rules by mens interpretation of what christ taught. In other words religions can be wrong. An example would be how many christians believe that as a christian you CAN NOT even touch a drop of alcohol, and as far as actual truth goes that isint accually totally biblical. Its Religion. Stan wasnt just using Christ as a political tool. He often gave verses and elaborated on christian ideas and christian prophecy.


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