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stevie !!!!! mathhhhhhh stevie MATH!!! hahah sorry but you just took the just included the left side spacing and the right side need to take the radius!!!! NOT THE DIAMETERRRRR.....your math is right for the diameter now just divide it by 2!


i think not.....even his alternator was the same as the above image......something isn't right with there measurements in the independant study report.......think about it.......with a diameter of .75......that leaves a radius of .375...minus their thickness of .35 that leaves us with a radius of subtract the inner radius of .25  from not possible.....check the independant study report....that measurement is not right....and from looking at the videos and stans patent i would still go with the above image posted......this is truly ideal......but good pointing that out hydrocarz....and i know you wrote .035 which may be a possibility but they wrote could be a mistake.


--- Quote from: ResonanceKing on February 19, 2009, 06:52:46 am ---
The Diameter .75, the walls 0.07 total leaves you with .75 minus 0.07 ID which is .68

Since the inner tube is 0.5000 in diameter you must fit .5000 inside .68

When you Put .5 OD inside .68 ID you have .18 free space. Since you want to center the inner tube then you must halve .18 into .09

Since you're wanting to use .09 which is a Decimal you must then convert .09 into 2.3 Mili Meters using a Decimal to Mili Meter Conversion Chart.

Since The patent stated .35 instead of .035 doesn't mean it was a typo, zero's are invalid and false numbers thats usually void. When you try to use a wall gap of .3 you're right, it is not humanly possible. All though we do know what stan was targeting because of this, we're able to accurately determine his gap size of his 3/4 Od tubes.

A newbie shouldn't put question to a wise dog, as i didn't put question to the guy's when i was told to use a 1.5 mm gap. We have more to go on now then they had then, or atleast some trusted people do. For you to try and prove me wrong is embarrassing for me, its like you're saying my research is not worthy.

--- End quote ---

i'm sorry but you did the math wrong FIRST OFF ZEROES IN BETWEEN DECIMALS ARE VERY IMPORTANT OR OTHERWISE THEN MICRO AND MILLI MEAN NOTHING.....that statement is absurd......second you did the math wrong......375-.35=.025.....that is the outside radius minus the outside wall...take that and now subtract the inside radius of .25.......IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.....if it was .035 then your math would bne correct.......

also stan states the exact tube size for his VIC set up.


it's time the old dog gets out of the shade.

sharpen your sword before you attack my justifications.


--- Quote from: kinesisfilms on February 19, 2009, 02:23:03 am ---stevie !!!!! mathhhhhhh stevie MATH!!! hahah sorry but you just took the just included the left side spacing and the right side need to take the radius!!!! NOT THE DIAMETERRRRR.....your math is right for the diameter now just divide it by 2!


--- End quote ---

Hi Kinesis,
well, As you state it like this, it looks like i done something dumn...but....
But the facts as i see are different:
Diameter = 2 times the radius

WO1992007861A1.pdf page 9 and page 14
Rod of 0.5 inch outer diameter = 0.5 x 25.4 = 12.7mm
Tube of  0.75 inside diameter  = 0.75 x 25.4 = 19.05mm
Total gap = 6.35mm
Devided by 2 = 3.175mm

Gapspace is accoording to this doc of Stan 3mm.
In fact, i have those tubes here on my desk.......and they prove the same.


On page 9 of WO 198901270A1 Stan descripes an example:
The outside cyilinder was 0.75 inch in inside diameter; the inner cylinder was 0.5 inch in outer diameter.
Spacing from the outside of the innersurface of the inside cylinder to the inner surface of the outside cylinder was 0.0625 inch.

That 0.0625 is 1.5mm.........

Well, i eat my shoe, if i know what that Meyer person wants to tell.... ???



--- Quote from: ResonanceKing on February 18, 2009, 07:20:40 am ---If ya want to get technical about it Then

Outer Tube OD 3/4 0.7500 19.0500
Outer Wall        0.0354  0.9000

Take your 19.0500 OD in diameter Tube and subtract 0.9000 for the left wall, and subtract 0.9000 for the right wall. This leaves you with 17.25 Mili Meters

Inner Tube OD 1/2 0.5000 12.7000

Take 12.7000 Mili Meters and subtract it from 17.25 you now have 4.55 Mili Meters Free Space.

Since you have a gap on both sides of your tube then divide 4.55 by 2 to get 2.275 Mili Meters.

Stans gap was 2.2 Mili Meters.

I have researched stans tube cell for 2 years, here is some of my work.

Being the fact that i researched the wrong tube gap, i hate to see you repeat my mistake, its not cheap.

Also, Dynodon, you stood 2 foot from stans fuel cell, you seen that the gap was not 1.5 or 1.6 Mili Meters, 2 Mili Meters is easy to determin from 1.5 Mili Meters if you're use to looking at tube gaps.

You also know that stans cell was not 3/4 in diameter but 1 inch, the tube gap is clearly bigger than 2 Mili Meters, i know without a doubt you know this!

Listen to who you want on your tube selection, i have over 2 thousand dollars invested in stans tube cells and 2 years of nothing but tinkering to boot, do what you want.

I'll tell you this, you want beat my production of .600 ML of gas per Minute using a 1.6 mm gap because your tubes want produce any more. Thats 10 cc's per second for all 12 of my tubes, or .83 cc's a second per tube where .83 cc's x 12 tubes is 9.96 cc's a second or close to 600 cc's per min.

My tubes was 6 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter,,, and im telling you now I dont care how long you make your tubes your not going to beat my production with that gap!

Your after atleast .800 cc's a min per tube where .800 x nine tubes is 7.2 Liters Per min, Cram that up your tubes!!!

Dont like my math,, open up the test of evaluation and do your own math... I've seen stans gap.

--- End quote ---

Hi Resonanceking,

Thank you very much for guiding me in the tube jungle..  ;D Yes it can be expensive to buy wrong type of tubes..

I think you are saying we are not into ordinary electrolysis here, so thats why the gap must be bigger...

so a gap size on 1,5 mm or less will produce more gas but use more amp with a "dead short condition" and we want to split water with only voltage pulses so maybe i will go for a gap in the 2-3 mm range..

Your fuelcells looks great and is a great inspiration so thanks to you for pictures and visdom.

Best regards


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