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Water Fuel Injector System

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Water Fuel Injector System

Here is the full System that Stanley Meyers used, as the Technical Brief describes & common sense dictates, in running his car on water. you can see from pictures of the Water Fuel Cell system these component parts. Please look at Figure [4-1], [4-6] & [4-7]. Based around Figure [4-1].
There are two Voltage intensifier circuits, one was used in the gas processor to ionize the oxygen going into the mixing chamber. The gas processor used resonant LED light at a specific light wave band to Ionise the ambient air. Figure [3-33] shows the gas processor utilizing LED radiant energy & High Voltage potential. Figure [3-35] shows the LED interaction at the corresponding light nm frequency according to the onboard computer. Figure [3-34] shows Voltage intensifier circuit used for the ionization of the Oxygen atom. Note the process dose not destroy or consume the oxygen atom!
The Water Fuel Injection system uses solenoid gate timers which, by way of the onboard computer, are timed to correspond with the ICE.
The Electron Extraction Circuit consumes Ionised electrons so that the processes can be sustained. Figure [3-22] shows Voltage Intensifier Circuit used for Ionising, unlocking gtnt Thermal Explosive Energy from the Water at the point of injection. Radio law dictates that when a charge of electrical energy (electrons) at high frequency charge a coil of many turns through the capacitance of the inductor, the inductor becomes saturated, choking the electrons at Resonance, causing voltage to reach a level of high potential. The resonant Frequency is dictated by the capacitance of the Water Fuel Injector, setting up a RLC resonant circuit.
The Voltage Intensifier Circuit is isolated from ground by the Electromagnetic couplink caused by the Step-up transformer so that the unbalanced atoms can not be re-stabilized by regaining electrons from earth.
The VIC is an isolated Circuit. Figure [4-9] & [4-10] show the component parts.

Injector cavities (1) are [Taper Resonant Cavitys] utilizing voltage wave guide phenomena to increase voltage intensity as figures [7-11] & [7-12b] show. Too, a reduction in Eddie currants on the surface of the injector port are due to the retrofit screw connection.
Water Injector voltage fields are insulated by ceramic threads holding the central ionizing rod in place.
The Water Fuel Injector has three component gases fed into the distribution disc, Ionized ambient air, noncombustible gasses & Water as figure [4-3] shows. The distribution disc sprays the gas-mixture into the injector through a spray pattern as figure [4-4] shows. When the gas mixture reaches the point of Voltage activation, gtnt Thermal explosive energy is unlocked.
Distribution disc fits the back of the Water Fuel Injector before voltage activation.

Figure [4-11] shows the injector retrofitted into the ICE piston. pulse gate valve acceleration control by way of the gas management computer times the injector.
Figure [4-8] shows the gas ignition process which happens at the point of ignition.
The interaction of the Ionised oxygen with the covalently bonding electrons of the water molecule, causes the liberated electrons to be consumed by the oxygen, returning the oxygen to a stabilized state releasing gtnt Thermal Explosive Energy From the Water Molecule & thus sustaining the process Figure [4-8].

The Gas Resonant Cavity Figure [1-17] shows the Voltage Intensifier IN the ambient air gas processor. The Gas processor Ionized oxygen by way of LED interaction & the electron extractor circuit VIC.
the Ionised oxygen atom then is mixed at the injector by way of the gas mixing Disc.
Laser interaction charges the electrons elliptical orbit by way of photon resonance. The light (of a specific nm light wave band) speeds up the electrons weakening there orbits until the electron is Ionized. Figure [3-35] again, shows this.

Controlled onboard computer automates the Water Fuel Injector system timing & includes Figures [3-1], [3-2], [3-4], [3-5], & [3-6].

Making use of the Water Fuel Exhaust reclaimer Figure [9-1] technology to unlock - do away with - chemical oxides derived from fossil fuel burning when ambient air passes through the ICE running on water, thereby re-purifying our air for a healthy atmosphere, while maintaining the Industrial economy of the world.
The by product of releasing thermal explosive energy is water mist, water mist being energy recyclable, absorbs solar energy from the incoming solar rays Figure [9-6] stopping the extraction of 02 molecules from the air because water supplies its own oxygen molecule to support the combustion process.

wow wounderfull post buddy
any news as  to which leds should the GP be used with
and which wavelength
rgds paul

I sure would like to have a blueprint of the injector. I have a picture from the patent.  Someone draw one please and post it.


--- Quote from: johnbostick on February 12, 2009, 02:19:18 am ---I sure would like to have a blueprint of the injector. I have a picture from the patent.  Someone draw one please and post it.

--- End quote ---

Seems to be in contradiction to his taper injector . Most probably when you are faced with contradiction it is a different design , this is what I have learned .

I'd say trying a taper tip injector would be a smart thing to do , just go by the drawings and respect the size seen in the video and split the middle of the suggested gap size .06 to .01 inches


--- Quote from: johnbostick on February 12, 2009, 02:19:18 am ---I sure would like to have a blueprint of the injector. I have a picture from the patent.  Someone draw one please and post it.

--- End quote ---

from what i have seen of stans final retrofit system he never made figure 5b.....figure 5 b is an ultra small all in one cavity......stan primed the incoming air from the systems intake in a seperate device (gas processor) in this figure it is actually apart of the injector......figure 5b looks like it was used more for jet propulsion projects.....stan sent the primed energy from the gas processor to the the same time water vapor was sent to the injector and split once split the primed oxygen which was stripped of an electron would rip away the hydrogens only electron creating a highly unstable POWERFUL hydrogen atom (now the hydrogen atom and the oxygen atom couldn't re-combine)....and when the final peak pulse was added in the step charging process just the voltage pressure alone ignited the unstable mix of atoms......making it seem like the instant explosion of water........

figure 5b is a system that was never created.....or finished......

the retrofit system is what we should focus on like the first photo in this topic....or better yet the photo he copied from the tech brief.

oh and a taper cavity would be ideal since not every gas water mixture is identical thus having different properties and the cavity would make up for that.


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