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The Water Fuel Injector: How he ran his car on water...

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I will not put up with any negative post on this thread, "I have invited pulsed here serveral times", "We all at one time worked into private groups not known to your knowledge." I chose to remove myself from these places.

Pulsed is a ring leader, you do not know what he speaks of comes from group efforts that they spend many hours together on in secret places. 

We will not have our guest treated in this manner.

That Simple!!! Think before you post! This is not gonna happen here!

Pulsed, my apologies to you, please continue.


Very glad to have you here at IonizationX.  Please post a lot.


You can write all you want here. No problem. But say it on a civilized way, please.
I do NOT tolerate anymore any rudeness here on this forum.



Very cool looking circuit.  Thanks for letting us see it.

It is very very exciting to have you with us.

Please let us here much more from you about this system of yours.  Thank you very much!!

You have great knowledge and we all want to learn from you.  We are your students.

Best Regards,


--- Quote from: Pulsed on October 16, 2008, 10:05:05 am ---Oh my please dont say that! ;)
We are all students of Meyers.

Here are some pictures of my replication of the steam generator...

Picture one is the range of items I am using.

Picture two is the Ioniser itself, real life version of the picture in the 6th post.

Picture three is how it is all fitted together.

At this moment in time I have not built WHAT I CALL THE STEAM RESONATOR (laser injector) because this is not the crux of the system.
the EEC too is not built yet and I am awaiting many parts.

once again I appologise.

--- End quote ---

You have nothing to be apologizing for. I apologize to you my friend.

Pulsed, what happened to the circuit i had drawn? It does look as if one of the diodes are improperly inserted on the filament. I cant stress this enough, look at how the primary of the auto ignition coil is wrapped, and why its called a condenser and not a capacitor. I've explained this to many users on msn as well but it took me much time. We have step by step videos here showing a coil being unwrapped.

You're making Great progress in what you're doing. I Feel that what you're doing should be done by someone. I agree that steam is a gas vapor thats very vulnerable, I also think it is part gas in some way, that it just needs the proper methods to extract like your researching now. I do thank you for letting us know what you're doing, "it looks amazing so far." About a week ago i was experimenting with steam also, i just don't have the time right now to setup lasers and build a system for condensing the steam, "i felt as if it was reforming as it exited the water." However i did catch it into a 2 liter bottle to have it collapse a short while later, that was neat. Yes, ionizing these atoms by giving the a polarity charge and extracting the electrons could leed to success. I have also learned that no flame can be sustained into this gas, it was my intentions to cool it then retry and note the effect. At that time i was determined to catch this gas and alter it. However i have other things that has to get assembled.

Unfortanitaly I now have this dune buggy engine i have to put together. Today i installed the crank and painted the housing. This will be my 3rd time of putting it together. I still recommend you to look at the post i referred you to, The coil in that circuit is very important to understand because the way it restricts amps on charge and increases voltage on discharge. Gotus used this same coil to violently ignite water. I look to update and use it on my buggy. I am glad to see that you haven't given up. Maybe soon i will be able to continue the vapor test as i feel it is coming.


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