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Good day gentlemen,

I apologise if this post is misplaced, as I am unfamiliar with the forum layout.

With regards to how Stan Meyers ran his Dune Buggy on water.
What has become clear from patent studies is that Stan ran his engine on energised and destabilised Thermal Explosive Energy from the water molecule.

He did not use a hydrogen generator to power his car, but rather used a steam resonator to resonate the steam using laser energy. Wherein the steam, generated by a boiler, is energised by means of laser light injection…

The Water Fuel Injector is a modified fuel injector, changed to have one metal rod in the centre of an outer metal tube and connected to opposite voltage potential charges.
There the steam flows in between the voltage field where the Ionisation process takes place.

The circuit to the Water Fuel Injector consists of:

-) A 120w power supply
-) A frequency generator capable of 10khz fitted with a power MOS-FET.
-) A High voltage resonant Transformer capable of 10kv at least
-) The Electron Extraction Circuit (EEC).

The Electron Extraction Circuit consumes the electrons that are ionised in the steam resonator with an amp-consuming device.
With out the EEC the process cannot be sustained.

Prior to this the Steam flows through the Laser Energy Injector, There the steam is energised by Laser diodes of the exact nm wavelength to that of hydrogen. This causes the electrons to move to a higher orbital state I CALL IT THE STEAM RESONATOR, priming the molecule for ionisation.

The burn rate control for the Ioniser is normal air to lower the higher burn rate of the Thermal Explosive Energy to that of natural gas.

This is how; weight for weight, the water molecule is far more powerful then oil.

All that is needed to run a car on water,

Please note this is not assumed from actual test results, which are currently under way, but from patent examinations.


This forum is doing good work.

Thanks Plasma, and im glad you finaly made it to the forum! Currently i can use under 1 amp at about 120 volts to super heat water into steam gas in under just a few seconds. I would say, "wild guess" the steamer consumes up about a gallon of water every few min's.

Do you have any data on the steam?

Thanks, Br Brian.

Hi to all
Can you Hydrocars please post schematic of steamer that your using
All the best


pulsed please please please re choose your wording or better understand what you are saying.....


it is simply used to keep the water warm from freezing and was only an added benefit for people living in colder areas where water for freeze.....THIS IS FROM STANS MOUTH......sooo please please please READ AND LEARN BEFORE MAKING ASSUMPTIONS.

some of what you say is correct
but you are mixing and blending things which overall are not what happened in the process you have some things spot on and are missing other important key please don't make a topic stating HOW HE RAN HIS CAR ON WATER.....if in fact you yourself are not completely aware of how he did it.......just read the technical brief one more time to make things clearer.....the atoms are NOT IONIZED IN THE STEAM RESONATOR.......they are ionized in the air processor or air ionizer......the burn rate is not controled by the air ionizer.....the air ionizer is a simple way of making oxygen highly more energetic and attacking the hydrogen atom which does increase the energy output and the burn rate of the hydrogen BUT THE BURN RATE IS CONTROLLED BY THE AMOUNT OF NON COMBUSTIBLE GASES IN BETTWEEN THE MOLECULES......ambient air gases such as argon........

look throughout this forum.......everything is here for the taking with lovely pictures.


Pulsed is our guest here. Please be nice to him. Hydrocars and I know him for a very long time now.



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