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Wow this is awesome stuff.  Thanks for sharing.

I'm not sure of this but I was thinking stan used a type of air pump, not water pump....When I look at his resonant cavity pictures I see a ultrasonic fogger as well as his hydrogen producing voltage zones?

it's hard to tell really, I'm not sure if that's what he's doing or not. Some of his stuff looks like it is and other stuff looks different.

He has the gas mixing chamber, the pump, and the injector plug.

I would just think if you could produce enough water droplets with an ultrasonic fogger and and mix that with hydrogen and ambient air or recirculated exhaust gasses all in one chamber you could have a simple design, and only need a type high pressure air pump that would pump all the mixed gasses direstly to the injector.

I also look at stan's injector and only see 1 ss line giong into it. Just makes me wonder.

Do you ahve stan meyer's pictures file with all of his pictures. Look at the resonant cavity picture. It shows the VIC box mounted on the side, and what I believe is a ultrasonic fogger that fits inside it as well, (those little prong looking things and the big magnet on the inner tube voltage zone that they sit on top of) I can't tell if there's an air input somewhere but most likely it gets mixed sooner rather than later. Stan meyer did mention the ambient air or exhaust gasses mixing with the hydrogen to reduce it's burn rate, and if you do all of them in the same container at the same time, you'll have a very safe mixture going to your engine.

That's my best guess hydro, hop it helps!


--- Quote from: Hydrocars on October 03, 2008, 10:44:18 am ---ugh, i think i have problems because i have a super beetle and not a normal beetle? my heads are longer than usual and i find it odd the main bearing is a bit bigger. I will ask them about this and see where that goes, it could be the problem,, seems like he ask me if it was a super beetle and i said no.. Maybe i should have said yes? i'll order those and check them out see if they work.

--- End quote ---

Aha....A super BUG!
When it runs its ok, but when you need parts... ;)
Good luck with yr project!



 One thing I can do, is, I have a VW engine, probably 70's year model, sitting in Sebastian, Fl. We had it running a sawmill, until it started to knock. I have NO idea what the problem is, but, if someone wants to play with it, let me know.

  It was immediately shut down, so, might be an easy fix ???  Knock was not excessively loud, just didn't like what I heard. Bought a New Honda 24 HP as replacement.  Too costly to ship down here. All I want is to be kept in the loop, to eventually be able to replicate or buy a system from someone that CAN build it.  ;D


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