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I was thinking of how to make a tube cell, and do it with very few parts, and MODULAR. I came up with this. Now I might not have been the first to think of this, but I didn’t see it. I kind of took Spike's cell and ran with it. It uses 2 tubes. The first tube is 1" dia and 14" lg. it has 2 plugs in it about 2" from the ends. it also has 2 sets of holes on each end just outside the plugs. The next tube is 1.25"dia and 12'lg and slips over and has an o-ring on each end. Water then flows thru the inner tube to the first plug, transfers thru the small holes to the area between the tubes, travels thru to the other end and transfers back to the inner tube and to a reservoir where the hho and water can separate then pumped back into the cell. You could run them off a parallel manifold, and add as many cells as you need. Here is a model view and a section view of one end.
What do you all think??


Great looking diagrams.  Thanks for sharing with us.


This is similar to how I build my Karebill cell, It would work great. And it minimizes voltage loss.
The only thing I might suggest is a little bit of epoxy on the outside of the o rings, To help seal, And keep
the o rings from blowing out.

I'm not 100% sure, But I believe Karebill does his this way. And his cell kicks butt. ;D

Nice design, Can't wait to see it.  ;D


Spike, Epoxy on the ends is a great idea. I was trying to think of a way to keep it from blowing out under pressure or surge. Thanks
I'm going to start with 10 cells and tap water. I also want to learn more on ocean water, cus i'm so close to the beach.

OK built my first one today. it was much easier than I though it would be. Now to finish my circuit and make a mounting stand. The mounts will be McMstr-Crr 1722a44 and the water tubes are quick connects from Home Cheapo. I also need to find a check valve for the inlet.
More as it comes together.


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