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So i've decided to start playing with the 8xa circuit. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to work correctly. Instead of buying all the parts I decided to use things I had laying around which is probably the reason its not working. Instead of an scr I used a power transistor and I couldn't find the suggested opto so I bought one that was similar. The problem is that I cant pulse it at all. Power flows to the cell if I'm not even pulsing the opto. not sure if anyone can help from this brief description. I can go into more detail.

Check if the transistor is burned up,or the opto is not suplying enough curent to swich/fully switch the transistor....try and separate the opto powersuply and give it 5v at pin5(h11d1).I also cannot find studed scrs ,and they kept blowing up,so now im switching on the negative choke,to damp the wall power...cheers!

yes, would be my advise too.
Change the Fet.

Thanks for the advice guys. I'll try it as soon as I have time and post back.

Also, thank you Steve. It's so nice to have a place I can go for advice!

I've been making progress! 3300volts!!!


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